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Friday, April 18, 2014

Hey Rockstar Games, can we get heists in GTAV now?

I love me some Grand Theft Auto V. Sometimes. Some nights can be full of all kinds of crazy adventures, but most nights it's the same ol same ol. Aimlessly driving around, blowing up my own friends for my own entertainment. Yeah I am one of those peaceful players. A rare find in the Online world of GTA. I don't really bother anyone else who is on there playing. No need to just randomly go out of my way to gun someone down as they drive by. It happens to me on occasion from some low level ranked new guy who after randomly shooting and killing me, learns a hard lesson in the world of spawn killing. But seriously, things are getting kind of boring.

The introduction of the creator to GTA has made for some fun races, but there is only so much fun to be had with those. Everyone wants one thing, and one thing only. HEISTS! Heists was promoted before the game even came out. And after 8 months, we are still waiting, and have been told "Spring" is when they will be here, which could mean sometime in June, which would put Heists at coming out almost a full year after the games release. And that is stupid.

Rockstar has been releasing updates to the game, that in my mind, have taken away some of the fun in the online world. Why the hell can't I shoot the water from the fire trucks anymore? Why are the strippers in the story mode naked, but they're covered up in the online game? Seeing video game boobs isn't a big deal, it's just an odd thing that it would be fine in the story mode, but not fine in online. Especially when there are topless girls at the mansion. Makes no sense. Kind of like in the story mode how you can ride the rides at the pier, but online you can't. Why? Why can't I ride the ferris wheel online Rockstar?! Answer me!

I'm let down in GTA. The online world offers a ton, but I expected much more. Why after 8 months is it still so problematic? Not a night goes by where things don't freeze up at least once. But, we put up with it and still play. Here's just hoping that Heists get here before the release of Watch Dogs. Because seriously from the looks of things, Watch Dogs looks amazing. And GTA is getting kind of stale.