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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files

Ever browse YouTube and find a song or music video with great quality sound and wish you could save the file as an MP3?  Well now there's an easy tool we've stumbled across that let's you do just that. It's as simple as entering the URL, clicking convert, and downloading the MP3.  My first concern when I heard about this was the quality of the MP3's, as I didn't want some shit quality music that wasn't up to par, but surprisingly the sound is great.  Of course with this tool you'll probably spend hours scouring YoutTube for all your favorite songs, but loading up your iPod or MP3 Phone with quality songs is a good thing, and best of all it's free.  Pretty surprising tool, but we share the goods with our readers.  So if your ready to start converting, check out: YouTube videos to MP3 converter.

Burger King Calls Wife A Puta

So, the wife and I stopped by our local Burger King today. We ordered two meals with onion rings, and a kids meal toy for our son, he had already eaten, but we figured he'd like a toy.

We received our food and saw only 1 order of rings, and 1 order of fries. I told the person at the windows I wanted 2 onion rings, they promptly got me the rings, and said keep the fries. Cool.

While pulling out of the drive through, the wife noticed that they forgot the kids toy. She walks in and asks for the toy, they seemed annoyed by this and swore it was in the bag, but gave her the toy anyways.

Upon getting home, she the notices that they failed to put her burger in the bag with the rest of the order. So, we travel back to BK and she goes in to get her burger. While in there, she is asked if she found the extra toy yet, still claiming they did not forget it. And she asks for her burger. An employee walks to the back and is going on and on in spanish. Well, my wife actually speaks spanish, quite well, and understood every word being said. And from what she heard, was she was being accused of trying to get free food from them, and was being a......."puta".

Sadly, I was not in there, I was out in the car and didn't hear about this, and as for my wife, she is not the confrontational type, at all. So nothing was said. She received her burger and walked out.

I attempted to contact Burger King over this, but they have no email contact and I hate talking to people on the phone. As for contacting the manager of that BK, well she believes it was the manager who the employee was talking to.

So the only thing to do from hear on out is do what I can to piss them off. I plan on going to the bank and getting many rolls of pennies and using pennies to pay for my meals from Burger King from now on. I plan on going inside BK, and opening up all the rolls of pennies and using that to pay for the food.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Review: Black Eyed Peas Concert in Dallas

I had a 2 day layover in Dallas between assignments, and was offered to come along with a few associates to the Black Eyed Peas concert in Dallas this past weekend.  I'm a casual fan of the group, and figured their live show would probably be pretty good, so hey why not.  I looked up some info. to see what was going on for the event....and to my surprise, Ludacris was opening the show.  Seemed odd to me, as I figured Ludacris was too big at this point to be opening for anyone, but pretty cool to see two headliners.  I was less thrilled to see LMFAO as the other opening act for the show, but luckily when we got there, it was posted that LMFAO wouldn't be there due to some conflict.  Will.I.Am had a couple of slip ups on the show, one being he thanked Ludacris AND LMFAO for being there, then caught himself and seemed to hint to us that he wasn't all that upset that they weren't there.  Place was packed to the rafters, tons of screaming teenagers of course, but a pretty diverse group overall.  They had a extensive stage, and a catwalk that came into the crowd.  Ludacris did a relatively short performance, but got all his big songs in so the place was happy.  The Black Eyed Peas put on a crazy show....the affects they use have to cost thousands per show.  The bass in the arena was so damn hard my organs were vibrating, but I guess that's good at this sort of show.  The crowd loved everything they saw, and never died down.  Lots of drunks around pushing their way to get closer to the stage (the floor was standing room only, no chairs) so getting molested by the drunk girls around you is a plus...sometimes.  Fergie seemed to get the biggest reaction, as she flaunted that body that everyone in Hollywood talks about.  She sported a few different outfits, showing off some cleavage and in another outift with her ass pretty much hanging out...and who doesn't love some Fergie ass.  Fergie did some ass shaking and sexual gesturing for the guys (and some of the girls no doubt.)  Will.I.Am did an incredible DJ set that included some rock, old school, little bit of everything.  They did their signature songs, and of course "I Got a Feeling" which was a given to end the show with, being it's used on every commercial on TV these days.  Overall a great show, and they accomplished their mission of turning the arena into a dance club atmosphere.  I only took a Fergie pic since she was the eye candy here.  I haven't heard much yet on others thoughts on the show, but from what I found, here is a more extensive Black Eyed Peas Dallas concert review if you want more full details.  I would recommend this show if your a casual fan or even a fan of dance clubs.  I would stay away if you don't like standing for hours while waiting and watching the show or if your against near mosh pits full of drunks (or at least shoot for a seat in the upper levels.)  Here is some video I found of it that someone else took, as you can tell the bass is so hard the camera can't even get the sound right, but you get the idea.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Disney Employee Attacks Handicapped Child? Uh, NO.

I found this video on YouTube today, and was going to leave a simple comment on the video, but they turned comments off, so now I must write a whole blog about this.

Watch the video....

Alright, listen, this guy goes on to say a Disney Employee attacked, "Little Joe". You know what I saw and heard?! I heard the Imperial Death March and saw DARTH MAUL attacking "Little Joe". 99% of little kids are BRATS. Little asshole children who do stupid crap all the time because of bad parenting. I saw Little Joe step pretty quickly towards Darth Maul and raise his hands up. Well, after dealing with THOUSANDS of kids EVERY DAY at Disneyland/world, I am sure Darth Maul, Mickey, Goofy, and all of those characters are tripped, pulled on, pushed, puked on, kicked, punched and dealt all kinds of crap every day. So some little kid runs out into the middle of a parade and Darth Maul pushed him away. Was the kid killed? Harmed? NO. He was pushed aside by Darth Maul. A villain who was staying in character at that!

In all seriousness though, this is called BAD PARENTING, I don't care if your kid has some kinda problem and is handicapped, don't let them go running out into the middle of a parade. I like the little message at the end warning parents that their children might not be safe at their parks. Well, my kids will be perfectly safe there, because I'm not gonna let them go running out into the middle of a damn parade! Damnit I hate people like this. Sitting there going on and on about how it's a special needs kid. Which is dumb because that is even MORE reason to keep them under control! "Hey my kid is a special needs kid I don't need to hold his hand and make them sit on the side to watch the parade he can go running up and jump around all he wants!" Idiot.

And not only are we going to call these people complete morons, but we'll go as far as to tell our readers to go get your Disneyland Tickets!

Yeah, A Teaser Trailer..........For A Teaser Trailer.......Twilight Eclipse Teaser Trailer Teaser!

This is the most retarded crap I have ever heard of. A teaser trailer for a teaser trailer. Really? Look, the Twilight movies are OK at best. Eclipse might be somewhat decent because David Slade is directing it and he actually knows how to make a vampire movie. But from what I heard his editor was fired for making Eclipse into too much of a vampire movie and not enough of a crappy teeny bopper movie and the editor from the first Twilight movie has been brought on to do some touch ups. Whatever. This is stupid and I'm only posting this because every girl on the planet is gonna be searching for it and maybe it'll bring in some traffic.

Oh yeah, and if you're wondering, I'm Team Jacob. Suck it.

RIP Corey Haim

Yeah well, what is there to say that every site hasn't already said? I just don't understand the whole, "accidental overdose" thing. How can any adult who can read accidentally take too many pills? Read the directions, done deal. There is no accident, it's called stupidity. And as the past 20 years has shown, Corey Haim is pretty damn stupid. But that doesn't make him any less of an 80s icon. It's too bad he never got to make the big comeback he always hoped for, but maybe if he learned how to read labels and didn't pump tons of drugs into his system, he would have.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food Review: Joeys Of Chicago

Been wanting to review this place to start with, but haven't had a chance to get to it. Joeys Of Chicago is my favorite place to go eat. When I'm not wanting pizza. To me they have the best burgers and sandwiches in AZ. Well, out of all the burger places I've eaten so far it is. They have the best french fries as well. So, what is there goin on at Joeys?
Hot Dogs, of course. Big ones, little ones, chili ones, very good ones. I'm not a big hot dog person, but I gave them a try and even for a non hot dog fan, they're great.

Burgers, man oh man. I usually get the cheeseburger with bacon added to it and then BBQ sauce. But lately I think I may step it up next time I go and ask them to put some of their amazing home made chili on my burger. Maybe I can get my own menu item named after me.

But, what is their signature sandwich? The item that sets them apart from the rest? That would be their Italian Beef Sandwich. It is simply, amazing. Now you can get the sandwich numerous ways, with just the bread and the beef, you can dip it in their gravy, you can order it pre dipped, or you can order it soaking wet, with the entire sandwich dipped into the gravy. That alone is great, but, you can take it one step further, and get it JOEYS WAY. Yeah, Joeys Way takes their amazing sandwich, and adds heaps of liquid cheese on top of it with assorted peppers. I am a jalapeno lover, so this makes me happy. The sandwich Joeys Way is not for the weak tongued. The peppers they put on it pack some serious spice to it. And I love it. As you can see below, be sure to get some wet naps ready. It gets a lil messy.
Joeys is my favorite place to eat. But it saddens me that every time I go there it is almost empty. This place has serious potential to get some traffic flowing to it. I would like to see them add some food challenges to their menu. Maybe adding a Joeys Way Ghost Pepper challenge. Add a little ghost pepper to one of their beef sandwiches, finish it, and get your picture taken and name on their giant wall. Something along those lines. I love places to do the gimmick foods. But even without it, I will still be a visitor to Joeys very often.

The only real negative thing I have to say about Joeys is this...... and it REALLY makes my little heart matter what, I will never, ever be able to escape the haunting of the 1993 NBA Finals. Joeys has news paper clippings all over from the Bulls and ugh, it hurts being a Suns fan sometimes. But that's ok. I still love Joeys Of Chicago.

NOTE: Joeys website lists one location, but they have another location up off of the I-17 and Happy Valley which is the one we go to. It is just west of 19th ave.

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