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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food Review: Joeys Of Chicago

Been wanting to review this place to start with, but haven't had a chance to get to it. Joeys Of Chicago is my favorite place to go eat. When I'm not wanting pizza. To me they have the best burgers and sandwiches in AZ. Well, out of all the burger places I've eaten so far it is. They have the best french fries as well. So, what is there goin on at Joeys?
Hot Dogs, of course. Big ones, little ones, chili ones, very good ones. I'm not a big hot dog person, but I gave them a try and even for a non hot dog fan, they're great.

Burgers, man oh man. I usually get the cheeseburger with bacon added to it and then BBQ sauce. But lately I think I may step it up next time I go and ask them to put some of their amazing home made chili on my burger. Maybe I can get my own menu item named after me.

But, what is their signature sandwich? The item that sets them apart from the rest? That would be their Italian Beef Sandwich. It is simply, amazing. Now you can get the sandwich numerous ways, with just the bread and the beef, you can dip it in their gravy, you can order it pre dipped, or you can order it soaking wet, with the entire sandwich dipped into the gravy. That alone is great, but, you can take it one step further, and get it JOEYS WAY. Yeah, Joeys Way takes their amazing sandwich, and adds heaps of liquid cheese on top of it with assorted peppers. I am a jalapeno lover, so this makes me happy. The sandwich Joeys Way is not for the weak tongued. The peppers they put on it pack some serious spice to it. And I love it. As you can see below, be sure to get some wet naps ready. It gets a lil messy.
Joeys is my favorite place to eat. But it saddens me that every time I go there it is almost empty. This place has serious potential to get some traffic flowing to it. I would like to see them add some food challenges to their menu. Maybe adding a Joeys Way Ghost Pepper challenge. Add a little ghost pepper to one of their beef sandwiches, finish it, and get your picture taken and name on their giant wall. Something along those lines. I love places to do the gimmick foods. But even without it, I will still be a visitor to Joeys very often.

The only real negative thing I have to say about Joeys is this...... and it REALLY makes my little heart matter what, I will never, ever be able to escape the haunting of the 1993 NBA Finals. Joeys has news paper clippings all over from the Bulls and ugh, it hurts being a Suns fan sometimes. But that's ok. I still love Joeys Of Chicago.

NOTE: Joeys website lists one location, but they have another location up off of the I-17 and Happy Valley which is the one we go to. It is just west of 19th ave.

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