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Friday, April 16, 2010

Brass Knuckles Are For Sissys, Ill Take Blast Knuckles!

So yesterday my nephew and I made a stop at the Spy store, yes, for real, there are such things as Spy stores. And yes, they do sell a cane that has a sword in it. Along with other neat gadgets and goodies. Normal stuff ya know? If you saw Kick Ass and saw the nanny cam teddy bear, those are for real, along with bird house cams, clock cams, and more. But the one thing that really caught my eye at the store, was something I had never seen or even heard of before.

We have all seen brass knuckles and know what they do. But here we found, Blast Knuckles. What are they you ask? Imagine being able to punch someone and bust them up pretty bad like you would typical brass knuckles, but ass on the fact that on the end of these knuckles, is also a taser. You can punch someone in the gut and at the same time blast them with 950,000 volts of electricity.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, you almost have the powers of some Street Fighter characters now with the help of this little gadget. SHORRRRRRRRRYUKEN!