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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bring Back the A-Team!

No, this is not a post plugging the new A-Team movie.  Apparently I somehow missed this a few years back, but this crazy English guy is the biggest A-Team fan ever, and while any male from that era (or any male at all) can't help but love the A-Team, this guy actually went on a mission to reunite the cast members for a full on A-Team bonanza.  Very similar to that show "reuniting the band" or whatever that was from a few years back, but doing it with a show everyone actually cares about.  This guy basically finds out where the surviving members of the A-Team are (George Peppard aka John "Hannibal" Smith passed away in 1994) and ambush them into giving an interview about the show.  Dwight Schultz (aka "Howlin Mad" Murdock") and Dirk Benedict (Faceman) were easy finds, but of course Mr. T isn't someone you can just go and find easily and then even after finding him actually convince him to do an interview.  This guy goes as far as to get some of the other characters from the show as well, making this quite the A-Team reunion.  Do all the stars of the show agree to a reunion?  Does the crazy English guy get to talk to Mr. T at all?  If the new A-Team ends up sucking, at least we will always have this.  Check out the whole saga below....and click through for the following parts to see how it all ends up:

Bring Back The A-Team Part I
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