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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Know The Power of Blu Ray? Get Disney.

I have been in Blu Ray land for about three years now. Back in the old days of HD DVD vs Blu Ray. I sided with Blu Ray, but I bought an HD DVD player mainly because it was only $99 on a Wal Mart deal. The very first Blu Ray I watched was Speed, and it looked glorious. But some classic movies come out on Blu Ray, and some look great, but some look the same. The Godfather movies look pretty great on Blu Ray, but when my favorite movie of all time, A Clockwork Orange, came out on Blu Ray I was a bit let down by the look of it. Sure it looked a little bit better than the DVD, but nothing mind blowing. And I find this happens often with Blu Rays, it looks a bit better than the DVD, but it doesn't blow me away, so what is out there that does blow me away? Disney.

Disney is the only studio right now that is doing Blu Ray the way it was meant to be done. They have released some classic movies that are simply stunning to look at in HD. Sleeping Beauty being the main one. It was almost as if they took every frame of the movie and redrew it and recolored it. It is so fresh and clear and colorful. They have also put out Snow White, and Pinocchio which are equally stunning to look at. And of course, we can not forget the Pixar films which are mind blowing to watch in HD.

On top of the video and audio being perfection on Disney/Pixar Blu Rays, we can not forget the features. Some Blu Rays I own surprisingly have NONE. Yes, I own Days Of Thunder on Blu Ray, and it is bare bones. No special features at all. Why? All the space and power of a Blu Ray at least put something on there. But Disney? Jam, packed. every feature they can possibly imagine to fit on there, they make it fit. And of course my two favorite things, DVD and Digital Copy. I have a 1 year old who is just now getting into movies, and in his room is a DVD player. So I can use the DVD copy of the movie that comes with the Blu Ray to put on in his room while we can still enjoy the Blu Ray of the movie in the living room. And if we are out on the go and bored somewhere and feel like watching it, the Digital Copy has provided my iPhone with a copy.

So, if you own a Blu Ray player, and want to see what your player can really do, grab a few Disney Blu Rays. If you are thinking about getting a Blu Ray player still but don't really think there is a huge difference between DVD and Blu Ray, just head down to Best Buy and ask to see a Disney Blu Ray do its thing. Later this year Disney will be unleashing Beauty And The Beast to Blu Ray, along with what I think will be their best Blu Ray to date, Fantasia. Night On Bald Mountain in HD? HELL YES!