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Friday, May 28, 2010

God Bless America

Ya know, I'm not too patriotic, yes I know I am lucky to live in America, where we are all, well kinda free I guess. But sometimes I take a look at the country I live in and wish I could click my heels and be living somewhere else. This video is one of those moments. This video pretty much defines America. When people in Europe and other countries look up America in the dictionary, it probably plays this video.

For one thing, who really cares who wins American Idol? From what I have seen, which isn't too much, the losers of that show go on to do more than the winners have. Fantasia? Taylor, uh whatever his last name is, that grey haired dude. Ugh.

I wanna move. I doubt juggalos exist in London.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ESPN 3D Arrives On DirecTV

The day, or well, night as arrived I guess. Sitting here watching some late night TV, the upload page appears on my TV for a software update on my DirecTV. After it finishes up, I hit the guide to see what exactly has been done to my precious DirecTV. Well, 3D is what happened. ESPN 3D has been added to the guide.

For those of you who love soccer, and have a 3D ready TV. You are gonna be having some good times in June as the World Cup will be presented in 3D on ESPN 3D. I sadly do not have a 3D TV. So I will be missing out on this goodness. Either way, this is a pretty huge step in 3D in homes.

Most people are getting annoyed with 3D this and 3D that. But I on the other hand welcome it. It's a great technology that has been re-invented over the years and when done right, looks pretty stunning. Of course having EVERY big movie come out in 3D is a bit much, but they're not forcing you to see it in 3D. You have the choice of seeing it in normal format, so shut up already. Either way......Tron Legacy in 3D is going to be insane.

NBA West Finals. Phoenix Suns Shocking The World?

Last season, the Phoenix Suns missed the NBA Playoffs. After going to the West finals 2 years straight, then making it to just the Semis, to losing in the first round, then to just not making them at all. It appeared the Suns were done for.

Going into this season, the "experts" all had their picks for the playoff teams. The Suns were picked to miss the playoffs, and finish the season in about the 9th or 10th spot in the West. Well, the season came, and it went. And here we are, well over a month after the regular season has ended, and the Suns are still playing. The team picked to finish in 10th place and miss the playoffs, are now tied at two games a piece with the defending champions, Los Angeles Lakers.

Before the Lakers though, those same experts, also picked the Suns to lose to the Spurs in 6 games in the West semis. And what happened? The Suns not only eliminated long time foe Spurs, but swept the Spurs, 4 games, to zero, none, nada.

Where are the experts now?

Same spot, saying the Suns have no chance, no hope. And will still end up losing the series. Now don't get me wrong, if the Suns lose this series against the Lakers, it will not come as a surprise. They are the defending champs, but why are the Suns getting no credit at all? The Suns are not winning these games by luck, or by squeaking out wins. They are closing games. Shutting teams down. And if you are thinking Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, the Suns two All Stars, are handling business, you might be surprised. Sure they are doing what they do best, but what I saw tonight was simply, amazing.

The Lakers had all their stars in, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest. And The Suns. Didn't have Steve Nash, Amare, Richardson, Lopez, or even Grant Hill in. The Suns had their bench players in. And it was their bench players, that in the 2nd quarter, and the 4th quarter, completely dominated and shut down the Lakers. So much so that when Nash and Amare came to check into the game, Suns coach Alvin Gentry sat them back down and let the bench players keep going.

The team that no one thought could do it, is doing it. Decisively. And still, the experts are against the Suns. Who picks these experts anyways??

Game 5 is Thursday, in Los Angeles. The biggest game of the year. The Suns lose, they go down 3-2, and come back to Phoenix for Game 6. But, if the Suns can win, if they can pull off the upset in LA, and take the 3-2 lead. Then the Suns will have a chance to eliminate the Lakers in Phoenix.

One thing that I have learned from watching the Suns my entire life, is that anything is possible.

I believe.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Dead Redemption Thoughts

I loved, loved, loved the first game, Red Dead Revolver. I was a huge GTA fan at the time, and have been born and raised on westerns, so seeing both come together was awesome. It has been a long wait for this sequel, is the wait worth it?

In some ways, yes, and in some ways no. Gameplay wise the game is amazing. There is so much to do in the open world it is pretty amazing how much got packed into this game. The controls are a little tricky but nothing too hard to get the hang of. It has been a long long time since I played a third person shooter game. Spending the past few years knee deep in Call Of Duty and Resistance. So, the gameplay is great, but what is not so great?

Something pretty minor I must say, which is the story/characters. The character you play as, is seemingly being forced back into the life he has tried to leave, or else great harm will come to his wife and son. But, even with those two huge problems, he sure is one happy go lucky guy. Seems to constantly be happy and willing to lead the good life. It just seems weird that he has to kill a man or else his family is harmed, so he goes out to help some lady round up some cattle? I dunno, it seems to lose focus too much. And the character is a bit annoying after awhile.

But, the gameplay outshines that, I didn't get into the online play too much but I did some and it has potential to be pretty fun. But I don't think it'll have too much lasting power. I can easily see the online play getting a little old, and annoying when you might be out trying to do a challenge and some idiot won't stop trying to kill you in the process.

All in all though, after being extremely let down by GTA IV, this is a huge step up from it. I would say it is worth a buy, mainly because from what I can see there is hours upon hours of gameplay to be had in the game with all the side missions and strange little things that pop up.


Monday, May 10, 2010

It Is Time To Rise Up Against Movie Theater Texting

I am sick of this crap. People in this world need to put down the damn phone every one in awhile. Why would you pay 20+ dollars, to go sit in a movie theater and text through it? Not only is it wasting your own money when you can be doing that at home, but you are also annoying the living crap out of everyone sitting behind you!

But not anymore

Tonight, I changed the game forever, and hopefully, you will all follow suit and join me and end this annoyance once and for all.

Tonight, I went to see Iron Man 2, I won't be posting a review of it, because its Iron Man 2, you know what you get with it, so there. During the movie in front of me just to my right, was some idiot Tapout shirt wearin douche who had a Blackberry Storm. How do I know exactly what type of phone this was? Because he had the phone out during 75% of the movie, texting!

Now, you my wonder, 75%? He didn't text through the ENTIRE movie? No, he didn't. Why? Because I finally found a way to put a stop to it, and I am going to tell you all how to do this, in hopes that all of you who are equally annoyed with it as I am, do the same.

I got a little fed up with this bright white light shining every couple minutes, and I thought, what in the hell is so damn important that this idiot just HAS to keep texting away? Step out into the hall and finish the conversation! Well, ya know what?

I'm just gonna read it.

So, from then on, any time this idiot would whip out his phone, I would lean forward slightly, and read his texts, and his responses. His girlfriend was pissed at him, because he went with his friend to see Iron Man 2, and he didn't take her with. They were in a deep argument, this was like the time she wanted to go see another movie real bad, and he didn't take her and instead went with some other girl.

Once I read that text, I did the following....

Leaned in even closer....

And whispered....

"That was a dick move dude."

He looked over at me and said "What?!"

"Why would you not take your girl to see the movie?"

He got really pissed off, but shoved his phone in his pocket and never again, brought it out.

So people, do this, whenever some idiot is texting nonstop, READ IT. READ THOSE TEXTS! Hopefully this spreads, so the idiots texting during movies will stop, because they will be afraid of the OTHER people in the theater, reading their private conversations.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Talking Characters Coming Soon to Disneyland?!

So this is the craziest thing to see for anyone that's been to a Disney theme park, or just about any theme park for that matter.  You know how it works, you see characters, they take pics, maybe sign autographs....and the occasional nod and point.  Well now, it looks like everything is about to change.  The traditional in park characters that have pretty much worked the same way for 50 years, could be talking and interacting with guests.  And this just isn't an idea on paper, this is technology that is being tested right now, and it is quite amazing.  In the video below, you can see Mickey Mouse talking and interacting with guests, mouth moving and all.  I don't know how Disney does it, but this is the next evolution in Disney park entertainment.  I dont know how close they are to perfecting this and using it regularly in the park, but by the looks of things, they have this technology down, and this generations kids are in for a much more advanced Disney experience.  When this is officially implemented in the Disney parks, it will no doubt cause an even bigger surge in people buying Disneyland tickets and planning more Disney vacations to experience the parks in a whole new and advanced way.  See the video below and be amazed, especially if you have ever been to a Disney park in the past.