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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Talking Characters Coming Soon to Disneyland?!

So this is the craziest thing to see for anyone that's been to a Disney theme park, or just about any theme park for that matter.  You know how it works, you see characters, they take pics, maybe sign autographs....and the occasional nod and point.  Well now, it looks like everything is about to change.  The traditional in park characters that have pretty much worked the same way for 50 years, could be talking and interacting with guests.  And this just isn't an idea on paper, this is technology that is being tested right now, and it is quite amazing.  In the video below, you can see Mickey Mouse talking and interacting with guests, mouth moving and all.  I don't know how Disney does it, but this is the next evolution in Disney park entertainment.  I dont know how close they are to perfecting this and using it regularly in the park, but by the looks of things, they have this technology down, and this generations kids are in for a much more advanced Disney experience.  When this is officially implemented in the Disney parks, it will no doubt cause an even bigger surge in people buying Disneyland tickets and planning more Disney vacations to experience the parks in a whole new and advanced way.  See the video below and be amazed, especially if you have ever been to a Disney park in the past.