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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top 10 Movies of 1992

1992 is probably the year that I became a full blown movie maniac. My parents had just bought a video store so I spent my weekends and my entire summer there. There was a Chuck E Cheese in the parking lot so my days consisted of hanging out at their store, watching movies all day in the back room, and going to play basketball at Chuck E Cheese and racking up the tickets for some toys and candy. Ahhhhhh the good ol days. But what movies were the best?

10. White Men Can't Jump
Saw this movie in Washington DC in a hotel. It's weird thinking back to then when we went there they actually allowed you to pretty much walk and go check out whatever you want. Today, not so much.

9. Waynes World
For years afterwards, this was the most quoted movie by my friends and myself. I even dressed like Wayne and used to have the Waynes World hat, and could do a spot on Garth impression. Still to this day, whenever playing any type of sport in the street, when a car comes, everyone says "CAARRRR"............ "GAME ON" One of the few movies from back then that still holds up 20 years later.

 8. Lethal Weapon 3
The first laserdisc I owned. And the first Lethal Weapon movie I watched. And where my love of all things Mel Gibson, began.

 7. Batman Returns
Saw this one in Connecticut. On probably the best summer vacation of my life. A huge Batman fan, I was pleased with this movie. And that Halloween I went out as the Penguin, yeah worst costume ever.

 6. A League Of Their Own
Baseball movie madness was in full effect in the early 90s. And this one was one of the very best. And still to this day, is one of the very best. The song that Madonna did for this movie, is probably one of the most depressing songs of all time. Ugh......

5. Home Alone 2
One of the few movies I saw in the theatre with my Dad. I remember getting all excited when they mentioned Arizona in the movie. Wasn't as good as the first one, but still good. Was pissed when I found out Duncans Toy Chest wasn't real. I remember also getting the audio book to this movie and it having a scene at the start of the movie that involved Harry and Marv breaking out of the cop car that night after the events of the first movie, and going back to Kevins house only to have a lawn mower dropped on them. Yeah I dunno.

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Enter into my life, Joss Whedon. Who also was a writer on Roseanne. He brought to this world Buffy. And my obsession for Buffy grew and grew, well into the TV series, until Riley showed up, ugh. Last year I got to meet Xander at a Comicon, you ever hear about, never meeting your heroes? Because they might end up being assholes and ruining your vision of them? Xander was no hero, but that guy was creepy. Very sweaty looking, and smelled like he had some vodka for breakfast, and lunch. Avoid meeting Xander! Don't do it! Check out the video below for a sweet appearance in the Buffy movie by BEN AFFLECK!

3. 3 Ninjas
I watched this movie just about every day. Feeding into the success of Home Alone there was a ton of kids movies that came out where kids just beat the crap out of adults. I remember holding my boombox up to the TV and recording the Kid Power song at the credits so I could listen to it on my walkman. Hell yeah. One weird thing about this movie, if you remember the big basketball scene, on the VHS and DVD version of this movie, the 3 ninjas win the basketball game and go on with their lives. But if you ever catch the movie on TV, they lose the basketball game, its pretty weird.

 2. The Mighty Ducks
Spawning awesome sequels, a cartoon, and even a real hockey team, this movie was AWESOME. And still is. Even the two sequels after it were great. It was after I saw this movie that I took up rollerblading. And began playing hockey at the school. We would take the bike racks out of the little fenced area and play hockey in there. It was a few years later when a hockey injury would result in my appendix bursting, yeah that sucked.

1. Encino Man
My Grandma took me to see this movie. I changed my name to Stoney, and tried to dress like Link. I stuck with calling myself Stoney for about a month then it wore off. This movie is still heavily quoted by me to this day.