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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dog the Bounty Hunter is Being Cancelled?!

I don't know quite know what to think of this since I was under the impression that Dog the Bounty Hunter was still one of THE top shows on A&E, but TMZ is reporting that the show is set to be cancelled.  It's hard to believe the show has been on for 8 seasons, but now that I think about it I did start watching the show around 2005.  "Creative differences" is the official word on the reason for cancellation, but any number of things could be the real cause.

I've been off and on as far as keeping up with the show in recent years, as I started watching a few episodes this year but haven't kept up lately due to scheduling conflicts.  I know they've been pushing a lot of family drama on the show but a lot of it comes across as contrived since the family ends up back together after a few episodes it seems.  Maybe I'm wrong, but that's just how it seemed to me.  I know back when the show was briefly taken off the air due to the conversation with Dog using the "N" word leaked a few years ago, many people were immediately ready to forgive and wanted "Dog" back on the air ASAP.  If this is indeed the end, I'm predicting a lot of protesting going on from the hardcore Dog addicts (no pun intended.)

I got hooked into watching Dog years ago because he looked like a bad ass wrestler busting in and owning criminal asses.  He's shown a softer side over the years, and is getting up there a bit in age, so maybe all of these factors are effecting the ratings.   Somehow I still feel that this won't be the end for Duane"Dog" Chapman on TV, whether it be a 9th season on A&E or on another network.  Do you think Dog's day is done and the show has ran its course?  Or do you want to see 8 MORE seasons of "Dog the Bounty Hunter?"