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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey Casting Directors of TV Dramas. You Suck.

I've been watching this show White Collar quite a bit on Netflix, pretty good show. My wife loves her some Law & Order, and my parents are always watching CSI and all those other cop drama type shows. What drives me nuts about these shows is the poor decisions of the casting department. What do I mean? It's easy.

Every episode, typically has one central bad guy. The crime is introduced at the start of the episode, we are introduced to a series of suspects and characters, and at the end of the episode we find out who was behind it all along. The main problem with this, is whenever they cast a popular character actor in this episode, who gets listed at "Guest Star" in the opening credits, that actor is 95% of the time always the one guilty. It pretty much ruins the entire episode and makes it pointless to even watch. I am half way into season 2 of White Collar and already this has happened numerous times. I recognize a character actor, and immediately know they are the ones behind all this trouble. You know who I'm talking about. They are those actors who you see in tons of movies and TV shows, yet you have no idea what their names are. Usually go by "that one guy from that one movie".

So please, Casting Directors, do a better job. At least try to keep the bad guys of the shows as a mystery. Sure a majority of normal people have no idea who these small time actors are, but for us nerds, we know who they are. Don't think you can just stick Aidan Quinn in an episode and for us to not instantly roll our eyes and say "well thats the guy behind everything".