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Friday, May 11, 2012

Top 10 Movies of 1993

This was a tough year to narrow down. After looking at all the movies that came out in 1993 its clear that this was the year that I became a full on movie nerd. And also started sneaking in some R rated movies late at night to watch after my parents went to bed. The year sleep overs with my friends kicked into high gear and we would watch whatever R rated movie my parents had never heard of. This list started off with 29. I had to cut out 19 movies to get down to 10, so at the bottom, I will list the honorable mentions.

10. Judgement Night
I had this on laserdisc. Me and my best friend watched this one night and it changed everything. It was one of the first R rated movies I had ever seen. Basically I wanted to see if because of Emilio Estevez, but this was the movie that introduced me to Denis Leary, who played the villain. And turns out this was a damn good movie!

9. The Good Son
Man. Seeing Macaulay Culkin as the complete and total hard R rated version of Kevin McCallister really blew my mind. Killin dogs, causing car wrecks, attempting to murder his sister and Mom, and droppin the F bomb. Good lord Mac.

8. Blood In, Blood Out: Bound By Honor
Before I saw movies like Godfather, and Scarface, this was my epic gang crime movie. I popped this on once expecting the typical hour and a half movie, since 90 minutes was the norm. And well 3 hours later this movie was still going on. This is a true epic. Vatos Locos Forever homes.

 7. The Sandlot
Yes. This movie needs no real introduction. As everyone knows the awesomeness of this movie. It is a true childhood classic. It spawned a couple sequels that were horrible. But the original is so great, the sequels are easily forgettable. And pretty much everyone who saw this movie back then, still use the line, "youre killin me smalls" today.

6. Super Mario Bros.
Yes this is being put on a top 10 list. Because it takes me back to being a kid, reminds me of a happier time. And this was the first movie I ever went to the theater and saw by myself. My parents had wanted to go see Made In America, I had zero interest so asked them to let me see Super Mario Bros. so they did. And I sat in the theater, alone, and confused at what I was watching on the screen.

5. Hocus Pocus
This movie is watched in my house numerous times every October. It has now become custom also that when we carve our pumpkins for Halloween, we have this on. A Halloween classic indeed. And Sarah Jessica Parker is crazy hot in this movie.

4. Sleepless In Seattle
I have a problem with this movie. To this day, every time I see it on TV, I stop to watch it, and always have to finish it. Its a sickness, and addiction, and I love this movie so screw you buddy!

3. Jurassic Park
Good lord was I pumped for this movie. This was the first ever big summer movie that I saw in the theater. I had all the toys, McDonalds collector cups, books, everything. I remember going to the theater to see this and the line was wrapped around the building, but thanks to my parents hook up, we got ahead of everyone and in for free. They had a deal with the guy who was the manager at the theater. He let us in for free to movies, they gave him free movie rentals at our video store. It ruled. I miss Harkins on 51st Ave and Bell in Phoenix. That was my childhood home.

 2. Tombstone
 A true hardass of a movie. There really isn't much more to say other than that when it comes to Tombstone. Everyone that has seen this movie knows how bad ass it is. And even today, almost 20 years later, it holds up and is even more bad ass than most movies that still come out today. So many epic scenes, and every scene as at least one great line, its hard to pick which one to show right here, so I will just go with what is probably the most pure bad assness scene. SKIN THAT SMOKEWAGON AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

1. Army Of Darkness
 Names Ash. Housewares. This without a doubt, out of all the greatness that 1993 had to offer, stands on top of them all. For its greatness, for being a true cult classic. And for cementing forever that Bruce Campbell is an icon. There are many classic lines from this movie, but my favorite has to be, "lady Im afraid Im going to have to ask you to leave the store." The way its delivered giving whats happening in the scene is brilliant.

And that does it. The top 10 movies of 1993. But it was tough to narrow it down, so below are the 19 others that did not quite make the top 10.

Fire in the Sky
The Adventures of Huck Finn
Benny & Joon
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Son In Law
Rookie Of The Year
The Fugitive
Heart and Souls
Cool Runnings
Demolition Man
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mans Best Friend
Whats Eating Gilbert Grape
Grumpy Old Men
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm