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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

North Carolina bans gay marriage....DUH.

Everyone is taking to twitter, facebook, hell I bet even MySpace is seeing some action tonight, all in an uproar over North Carolina putting the ban hammer down on gay marriage. People are shocked, pissed, sad, but the only thing I can say shit.

Its North Carolina. Of course they're going to ban gay marriage. Places like that, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Arizona, Texas, theres no way in hell people of the same sex are going to be allowed to get married. Why? Because these are well, crazy states. Like it or hate it people, blame the people who first settled there not me. If Florida and California don't allow same sex marriage, there is no way in hell a place like North Carolina will. And yeah I basically just said Florida and California are the gayest states around. Its true!

So people, deal with it. It sucks for the gays sure, but what are you gonna do about it? Go and occupy some more? Because that did a whole hell of a lot the first time around didn't it? All Im sayin is, stop acting like you're so shocked that this happened. Dont go on a march, or a parade, or any of that because it won't do any good. Just leave. If I was a gay dude and I wanted to get married and the state I lived in was against my rights, I would move. Done deal.

For the record, I am not against same sex marriage, or for it. I'm neither. I don't care. If two dudes or two chicks wanna get hitched, go right ahead, it has zero affect on my life. If Im asked to vote for it or against it, Ill of course vote for it. But I live in Arizona, and guess what? You cant even be from another country without getting harassed here, so good luck. Basically what I'm saying, is if you're against gay marriage then you're probably an uneducated hillbilly.