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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is Batman: Arkham Asylum the Best Comic Game Ever? Yes.

I've been away from the site for awhile due to some more work opportunities that have required some travel, but along the way I've kept watch on all the hype for the new Batman Arkham Asylum game, and was sure to pick it up when it hit shelves recently. Since I was a kid Batman has always been one of my favorite comic characters, mainly due to Batman and his story and surroundings have always been so dark, unlike most other comics. Arkham Asylum is the famous mental hospital in Gotham City that houses all the famed notorious psycho villains from the Batman series. The concept of the game seemed cool, Batman hits the Asylum and battles Joker in the villains playground, pretty simple. When I first played the demo, I could tell this game was going to be something special both from the graphics and presentation of characters. The voices from the popular Batman: The Animated Series cartoon from the 90's provide the voices for the game, and do a great job. At first glance you might think the game involves Batman beating up Jokers thugs, and it does, but that is only a small fraction of the game. When I got my hands on the full game, I was hooked from the get go, in a sequence that involves Batman actually walking Joker into the Asylum and escorting him all the way through, which provides some hilarious 1 liners from Joker, and really gives you a great detailed feeling of what's going on. Basically if you are a big fan of Batman, this game is THE definite Batman game. From fighting, to investigating and solving clues, to providing history and backgrounds, and of course the use of Batman's many toys and gadgets, this game has it all. This game is like combining the recent movies, the animated series, and the comic books all into 1. Just about every character is there, with of course Joker and Harley Quinn kicking things off, Riddler providing riddles throughout the game, then going much deeper into both villains, police offers, and doctors, some of which have long histories dating back to the 1940's and 50's Batman comics, and all characters are complete with history and facts on them. This isn't a game that you will beat in a few hours either, this is an epic Batman saga in every sense, and the Arkham Asylum is a HUGE place that just gets bigger as more maps are discovered. This game is also not a fun kiddie comic adventure, this game is dead bodies, mind games, and a few cuss words sprinkled in for even more edge. There have been many great comic games out there, but this game is so complete in every aspect of everything that Batman is, that my opinion is, there hasn't been another comic game out there that does the job this well. This game is even cool on the level that you learn so many facts about the characters and even the Asylum itself.

So if you consider yourself a Batman fan, I definitely suggest you pick this up, and I haven't even played through the whole game or tried the challenge mode yet, but I've seen enough to know that this game is epic, and worth the many game play hours it will take to complete. I picked up the Playstation 3 version of the game, and keep in mind that the PS3 owners get the bonus of playing as Joker in the challenge mode, which is a cool extra to give us. I don't know if there will be any downloadable content for this game, but I've definitely heard rumblings about a sequel no doubt being on the way, but all I can say is all the reviews and acclaim are right, this game kicks so much ass and has so much depth, I'll say it is must buy game, and you won't be disappointed.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein has died. Who gives a shit?

So guess what, some fuckin loser from that shitty band Crazytown who had 1 damn hit killed himself because his girlfriend dumped him.

TMZ and sites all over are mourning his death. Why? Who fuckin cares? What the hell did this guy do for the world that is so damn tragic? The funny thing is, and yes, I said THE FUNNY THING IS, about someones death, Im a jerk, deal with it, is that this is his SECOND attempt at suicide. I'm sorry but if you fail a suicide attempt the first time you should, well I dont know. You have to be a complete and total failure in life.

Anyways, why am I writing about it since I don't care? Because of you crazy idiots that do care. Drive me insane, ready for me to go hippie on your asses? Guess what, there are shit loads of people who died today probably in Iraq, making sure that the crazy terrorist wackos dont fly more planes into our buildings, how come no one is mourning over that? Instead, lets mourn over the guy who played an instrument. Well shit I can't even call it that. Lets mourn over the guy who spun a fuckin record. Yep, thats what this guy did. He spun records, failed a suicide attempt, then survived a plane crash.


Oh yeah, dude was found with a fuckin crack pipe next to his bed. Yeah, so instead of mourning soldiers, lets mourn a fuckin crackhead emo douche bag from a shitty band.

God damnit I hate people.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beautiful Agony. The Best Tasteful Free Porn On The Internet?!

I remember back in my younger years, porn came at a price. A hefty one. The only access I really had was to what I could find laying around my Dads closet, which consisted of Penthouse Forum, and a bunch of old 70s and 80s magazines, ugh. But that was IT. It was impossible to get anything else anywhere. And now, in todays world, all the naked girls you want are just a couple google searches away.

There are many sites out there, MANY, that offer what most of us guys are looking for, but I came across this one day after seeing animated GIFs of it posted on a forum. Of course, this site is called, and for some reason, you have to pay to see it, which is stupid because there are tons of free ways to see the videos.

What is this strange site you ask? To me, it is the best porn on the internet. No weird dudes involved, no stupid close ups of their buttholes for 15 minutes. And yes, you might find this strange... but there is ZERO nudity. So what makes this the BEST?

It's 100% real. I like realism. I don't like standard porn, it's too fake to me and not realistic at all. This is. Here is what Wikipedia describes beautiful agony as being...

Beautiful Agony is an erotic website featuring head shots of user-submitted videos showing the participant having orgasms, without providing any visual description of what technique is being used or revealing anything below the neck and upper chest. Both men and women are featured on the site.

And that's pretty much it. Pretty simple, and exactly what I look for. I don't need some dude in there, at all. I just need a hot chick getting off, and that works for me. So, enough of the talk and the chit chat. You might have to be signed up on to see this video, but it is worth it in my eyes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Legion Trailer Makes Me A Believer

We return to our normal posting schedule and kick things off with one bad ass looking trailer. The movie is called Legion. And it's pretty simple. God is pissed off at humans and sends an army of angels to bring on the apocalypse. And yeah, things look pretty insane, trailer kicks off with an ice cream man who makes my jaw drop, then, the old lady in the diner. Holy crap. Anyways, take a look. Paul Bettany plays the arch angel Michael, who was last played by John Travolta, and Kevin Durand plays Gabriel, who was played to perfection by Christopher Walken in The Prophecy series.

Monday, August 10, 2009

State Of The Jerks Address

Hello Readers,

Tonight, I come to you, to inform everyone about the status of this site.

The girl in the picture has nothing to do with anything other than the fact being that I want to do very dirty things to her. Moving on...

Now recently, we had a new writer join, Johnny Dakota, where his whereabouts are, we don't know. Why he can't write more, we don't know.

G.C. and D$.... don't ask me.

As for me, I have been shooting a movie. Yep, shooting a horror/comedy titled Goodbye Light. I serve as co-writer, and co-director, as well as producer on this film. Look for it on DVD sometime early 2010. The distribution deal, has already been signed.

As for this site itself.... will it live on? Or will it die...... to me, this site will live on. During the week, I will do what I can to provide some updates here and there. But G.C., D$, and Johnny, need to get involved as well to make this site as big as it can be.

So we will stop lollygaggin around, and starting tomorrow, we should be back to posting news stories once again.

Thanks for hanging in there true believers. We are back.

And as for my film, if you are actually curious about it, you can head to and check out some production stills from the past couple days of filming.