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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Songs from my childhood that were NAUGHTY!

Back in the 90s I was a harmless free spirit kid. A boy. Innocent. Turned into a teenager in the 90s. And during those times, I listened to a ton of music. All types of music. And I never really listened closely to the lyrics, I just liked the music. And now as an adult, I revisit these songs. And actually listen to them, and realize that I was being taught some pretty naughty things by my musician elders. So here is a list of songs that at the time I had no idea what they mean, just they had a good beat and I liked to listen to it, but when listened to closer, they were singing about OTHER things that were not so kid friendly....

Sylk-E Fyne feat. Chill - Romeo & Juliet
Wowza, as a kid, I thought Sylk-E Fyne was just singing about how he was going to take his girl out for a good time. As an adult I realize..... well he was gonna take her out for a good time alright.

Spice Girls - 2 Become 1 
Yeah. No idea what was being sung about. Just thought hey, the Spice Girls are singing about how much they're in love with someone. And the two of their souls will become one because they are so in love. Not realizing they were actually singing about SAFE SEX! 

Guns N Roses - Mr. Brownstone 
No clue. Just thought some guy kept bugging Axl so he sang about it. 

Alanis Morissette  - You Oughta Know 
Like everyone else on the planet in the 90s, I had this CD. But it wasn't until much later on did I catch what exactly she might have done to Uncle Joey in a movie theater.

2 In A Room - Wiggle It (Just A Little Bit) 
Thought they were just singing about dancing. No idea they were wanting me to shake something.

Ginuwine - Pony 
Didn't really have any clue what this song was about as a kid.