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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Death Watch Alert: Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes drugged outYes - we are the originators of the Lindsay Lohan death watch and even though Lindsay has flipped us the bird and continues to live,  it is our duty to call attention to another celebrity that is topping the 2013 death watch list.  If you've been online at all in the past few days, you've no doubt seen a mention of Amanda Bynes doing something crazy and posting it online.  Whether it was making crazy drugged up looking faces or shaving half of her head, Amanda has put a spotlight on herself that has many worried about her...and rightfully so.

I really didn't pay much attention at first.  There was talk that Amanda was taking "selfy" pics of herself trying to wink or look sexy or....something, and wasn't quite getting the job done either way.  Then came news that Amanda was posting topless pics of herself and posting them on Twitter, which obviously raised a few more eyebrows.  All of this was followed by celebrities like Jenny McCarthy posting that she hoped Amanda got help, to which Amanda replied going off on McCarthy pretty much calling her old and ugly.  Bynes claims she's not crazy, but the pics alone tell a much different story.

So Lindsay Lohan has moved on to more of a "jail watch" if you will, and Amanda Bynes is now definitely topping the death watch list.  We're not saying we hope she dies, but tell us after viewing some of her pics that she's not on the verge.  She actually used to be pretty hot, but things have most definitely taken a turn that have many wishing she would've felt like showing her boobs about 5 years ago. 

We are a Bunch of Jerks, and we tell it like it is - so let's hear it, how long do you say Amanda Bynes is going to make it?  Death watch initiated.