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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walmart Manager vs. The People

Ran across this video which was followed by a huge debate, so I decided to bring it here for all of us Jerks to tear apart.  The situation:  it's Christmas Eve and Walmart is set to close at 8:00 P.M.  Some people show up at 7:40 P.M. looking to grab a last minute gift, but are prevented by a manager from entering due to it being almost closing time.  The manager's logic seems to be that he wants everything done and employees on their way home by 8, not actually just closing the doors at 8.

What ensues is a group of angry people outside Walmart having a heated argument with the Assistant Manager, and it was all of course caught on tape.  You might side with the shoppers since it seems like if a store is closing at 8 and it's only 7:40, there still should be time to go in and grab something.  But in this particular case one customer goes racist on the manager, asking if the problem is that there "aren't enough Mexicans workin for ya" and if he had to "pay white people more money or somethin."  Obviously that guy isn't going to get a whole lot of love from the Internet over the racist comment, but were all these customers right?

The opposing argument says that a manager has the right to refuse service for ANY reason, and that this manager had the right to do this.  But after all, it WAS Christmas, so who is right here?  The Assistant Manager that wants himself and his employees to get home for Christmas?  Or the shoppers who want to shop during the advertised hours?