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Friday, December 2, 2011

Adam Carolla Rants on Occupy Wall Street

This may be a couple of weeks old, but it was so good I figured it still needed to be posted.  Last month we posted the live stream of Occupy Wall Street which is still up and running and showing all the craziness as it unfolds.  Many people including me really didn't know much about all this, other than there were groups of people doing these huge protests that they thought would change something.

Well for anyone who wants a definite opinion on Occupy Wall Street, Adam Carolla is that guy.  In the interview below Carolla lays out it out pretty simply: people are mad that others busted ass to make more money than them, and they want to whine and complain about it.  He points out that back in the day people would look up to someone who worked hard to build a business or work their way up in the world, but now people just want to complain and want a cut for themselves regardless if they worked or not.

So if your someone that looks at all this Occupy Wall Street stuff and thinks these people are just a bunch of whiny bitches, Adam Carolla is with you.  There are still tons of people living in tents and trying to prove a point instead of going out and busting their asses to be successful, will they succeed in their efforts?  I tend to think not.  Check out Adam Carolla's full rant below: