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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Alternate Version of The Karate Kid? YES

....And no I don't mean that movie that should have been named "The Kung Fu Kid" starring Jayden Smith that was about KUNG FU and NOT Karate.  I'm talking about the original 1984 Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio, but totally different than how we know it. 

This version of the movie was a "rehearsal" version of sorts.  Start to finish, the whole movie is run through without any props or effects.  It's pretty crazy to see the movie some of us have seen hundreds of time this way, since it's slightly different with some extra lines and scenes thrown in.  One of the real crazy things is seeing the referee from the famous karate tournament playing the part of John Kreese in this run through. 

Not since the hilarious "Wax On, Fuck Off" video have we seen such Karate Kid greatness.  Below is part one of the Karate Kid alternate movie, and the rest is linked when  you click through below: