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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sasha Grey Wants to Read to Kids at Schools

Yes, Sasha Grey really wants to help raise your kids right by teaching them the importance of....reading.  Last week Grey took part in the "Read Across America" program by reading to a group of FIRST graders in L.A.  Shock of the year - parents didn't like it and raised hell about a porn queen reading to their kids.   The school then tried to deny Grey was even there, but too bad for them as TMZ has pics. 

We have another case here of someone who decided she should go out and be the dirtiest porn star in the history of life, but now thinks she's "mainstream" since she's been on some regular TV shows and should be allowed to go and be a role model for kids.  REALLY?  I'm sure most of these parents realize that these kids may come home saying "We had this really nice lady at school today, I want to look her up on the Internet someday and learn more about her" then BAM, instant problems to explain.

Sasha Grey, get real.  You won awards for being good at oral and taking it in the ass really well, congrats, but you are never going to be "respected" or "mainstream."  You can throw fits all you want and say you refuse to leave the reading program, but no school is going to want you nor will they accept your "past."  You made your choice like any other porn star, and that choice DOES put some restrictions on what you do when your porn career is over.   You could always start the "Porn Star Reading Club" and see how far that gets you....probably ALMOST as far Read Across America did.  Maybe next she will tell us how she would like to read her own book "Neu Sex" to kids.  Would you allow this person to read to your kids?