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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anyone Heard About Kim Kardashian Getting Divorced?!

Seriously...I think the next step in coverage of this Kim Kardashian divorce bullshit fest will be hourly updates on if anyone remotely associated with Kim Kardashian or Kris Humphries has taken a shit.  The world is acting like they are in total shock to find out Kim is a moron, yet all you have to do is take a simple look back at Kim Kardashian's history and it all makes sense that she would get a divorce after 72 days.

First off, let us not forget that Kim Kardashian is only famous because of her sex tape with Ray J.  Yes,  a hardcore sex tape "leaked," Kim got mad, then got happy when she made a deal to make a few million off the tape.  Did anyone know her before the sex tape scandal?  Not me.  Somehow over the years it's been forgotten that Kim made her name from being a porn star, not from being a girl on this nice family reality show. 

After becoming well known for her sex tape, the reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" debuted and made the rest of her family suddenly famous, as no one knew who the hell any of them were either prior to the show.  Then she showed how much she was still upset about the sex tape scandal by posing nude for Playboy and making even more money.

And lastly, if anyone doesn't realize it, this is NOT Kim Kardashian's first divorce.  She was married to some music producer over 10 years ago, and that ended in divorce in 2004.  That was all before she was getting nailed on video.  Then of course she was banging Reggie Bush for a while, and a few other relationships mixed in there as well.

 Kim posed nude for W Magazine just last year and was still up to her old tricks by getting "fake mad" that her boobs and ass were clearly shown, as if she didn't realize that would be the case when she took the pics standing there ass naked.  It all made for good TV conveniently enough, which pretty much describes every episode of any of their "reality shows."

Basically Kim Kardashian is famous for getting naked and letting people see as long as she gets paid, for having a ton of fake reality shows, and of course for having a huge ass. Nothing wrong with any that, we're fans of the sex videos and naked pics actually.  But all this "dream wedding" crap and acting like the Kardashians are this nice family other families should model themselves after is crap given all the history.  If making millions from sex tapes and nude photo shoots is your goal in life, Kim Kardashian is your role model.  We are Jerks, we tell it like it is, and the world needed a reality check on the Kardashian bullshit fairytale world.