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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brett Ratner Is A Douche.

I hate Brett Ratner. This guy has yet to make ONE good movie. And the reason why all of his movies suck balls was explained when he was asked about rehearsing with his actors and he replied..."rehearsing is for fags". Really?

Well with that and on top of him jerking off with shrimp and lying about Olivia Munn he now was fired, sorry I mean he resigned as producer of the upcoming Oscars. Yeah, he just willingly left that, and along with that, Eddie Murphy decided that his career sucks enough now, so why stick around to host something that he would be a part of that people will actually watch? So he left too. Can't do funny without Ratner huh?

Brett Ratner is like the Joe Francis of movies. I don't mean what that means other then they both look like creepers who Chris Hansen will end up interviewing in a kitchen somewhere. Why is Brett Ratner always sweaty? Every picture I see him in he looks like he just took a shit at a Taco Bell and is trying to figure out where he is.

In closing, who gives a crap if Ratner said "fags"? Gay people don't even care. This guy is a moron who knows for a fact he is in the public eye yet goes and says some of the dumbest crap on the planet. Like going on Attack Of The Show and talking shit about Olivia Munn. Brilliant move, I hope his publicist fires HIM. He sucks, I could give a 3 year old a toy camera and some legos and you would probably get a better movie out of just that over the crap this guy makes.