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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: My thoughts

I have been addicted to Call of Duty since COD4. Since then I have spent hours upon hours playing each one, grabbing the new ones at midnight releases. I used to go to the Game Stop to pick them up among the 200+ other people, then realized Super Wal Mart will have it at midnight as well, and there is usually about 10 people there at midnight, stupid Game Stop fans. Game Stop blows, why the hell is every person I encounter working inside a Game Stop such a giant know it all doucher?

Anyways.... back to MW3.

I played through the story in the game and finished it in just a few hours. The game play itself is pretty great, each "level" so to say there is something new to try. But the story itself and the music in the game felt a little bland. But I think its because they know that most fans don't even bother with the story, they go straight to the multiplayer, which is where things get very interesting.

There is a lot of new features in multiplayer. Not in the game types, but in the classes you can now create. Perfect example is the kill streaks. Before you could only set your kill streaks and it remained the same for all classes, but now you can change kill streaks to go with each class you make. Along with that you now have different types of kill streaks. You have the ones we all know and love where the longer your streak goes without dying, the better your rewards are, but now we get a just a kill count in general streak, where even if you die you still get rewarded. And also introduced is the extra perks kill streak. The longer your streak goes, the more perks you can add on top of the three perks you have already set.

There are all new attachments and perks for the individual weapons themselves, which you can only unlock as you level up. No money system like in Black Ops.

The game play itself is more or less the same as always which is fine. I hate when games come out with more sequels and they start changing the controls around IM LOOKING AT YOU TONY HAWK! The maps are not sniper friendly however. Each map I have played so far is pretty tight making using a sniper class almost useless.

All in all, if you are a casual fan of Call of Duty you will of course love this game. If you are a super nit picky nerd I am sure you will just bitch about it and buy it anyways.