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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Live Stream Video of the Occupy Wall Street Madness

Well, if you are on the Internet then you are probably reading a lot about all hell breaking loose in New York over this "Occupy Wall Street" business.  Apparently the NYPD decided to clear the protesters by unleashing tear gas and LRAD so Zuccotti Park could be cleaned.  It's a crazy scene on the street that resembles a riot, and it's crazy to think all of this madness is going on right here in the U.S.A.

Even crazier, the NYPD has banned the media from being there and reporting on all of this and has even cleared the airspace.  I don't know if the NYPD thought they would keep any of their actions from getting out, but protesters are streaming all of this live via their cell phones and all this madness can be seen as it happens.  One stream we've been following is "The Other 99" live stream, who have been streaming all of this for days and is  right in the heart of this current riot atmosphere.  Watch all of the Occupy Wall Street happenings unfold live below: