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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How To End Child Molestation

So I've been reading up on this Penn State Sandusky bullpoop tonight, and it got me to thinking about how sick and screwed up people are in the head and I came up with an idea on how to end child molestation all together. Seriously. I know how to do it.

If someone is found out to be a child molester, they get killed.

Yeah, I said it.

No arrest or jail or trial just kill them. Straight up.

Now don't give me this BLAH BLAH EVERYONE GETS A TRIAL BLAH BLAH because guess what, Casey Anthony got a trial and now look! OJ Simpson? Yeah, trials are worthless. So if you get caught molesting kids you get killed, instantly. Why is this such a good plan? Because if that was the way things were done, NO ONE would be doing this anymore. If they knew the moment they were found out and caught that would be killed on the spot, would they risk it? Sure, a couple might because they're crazy. But the numbers of victims would drop dramatically. And this Sandusky guy would be fine, because I bet if that is the way things were done, he wouldn't have risked it and there would be no scandal fiasco at Penn State. And if you think this is a bad idea, ask a victim, or ask the parents of a victim. It's kind of like what I say about drunk driving accidents. If you are driving drunk, and get into a car accident that is your fault, then you should have your drivers license taken away. FOREVER. I bet no one would be risking that, would they?

So yeah, lets start getting tough on criminals. Child molesters get put down. And drunk drivers get their license taken away forever! Boom! UNITED STATES OF RANDOM VILLAIN.