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Monday, February 20, 2012

Certified Bullshit: Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunite for New Songs

So this has to go down as a record, or maybe some sort of "Double Bullshit" award.  Less than ONE week ago I certified Chris Brown as bullshit due to the fact that he beat the shit out of Rihanna a few years ago, but is still on all the award shows and is treated like he never did anything.  I figured posting pics of Rihanna's smashed face along with the police report that detailed the punching, biting, and choking that went on was my good deed for the day as far as exposing a woman beater.  Well when that woman tells the world that it's OK, and woman beaters should be forgiven, there is nothing else a Jerk can do.

Rumors were swirling recently that Rihanna was working on music with Brown, bust just about everyone was hoping the rumors weren't true.  Sadly today, Rihanna released the remix of her song "Cake," which features Brown and his whiny ass singing about how it's been a while since he fucked Rihanna and such.  Then Brown releases one of his songs with Rihanna on sweet.  So basically Rihanna is telling all those abused women......"Hey if the guy says he'll never do it again, just go back to him I'm sure you'll be OK."  I won't bother posting the songs here, they've been described as "awkward" and the pretty much suck, so we won't promote music that's about beating each other up then fucking again after a few years.  As I wrote on the Bunch of Jerks Twitter earlier, Rihanna's cake was pretty good until the shit icing got added to it.

Word has been that Brown has a girlfriend so there isn't a relationship reunion, but why the hell this shitty music with Brown whining needed to be released I'll never know.  Maybe I'm wrong here?  Maybe there is a window of time where it's OK to forgive a man punching to a woman's face?  Maybe a second chance is in order after a few years?  Fill me in here.  Rihanna was once the bad ass chick that made a comeback as a take no bullshit woman who fought back agains an abusive man, but now that's all been ruined.  OH and if you thought about showing how you feel by NOT buying this bullshit music, they are already ahead of you as Rihanna was sending out links to download the song for FREE, since no one should be paying a dime to aid anything involving Chris Brown, no matter if the victim of his abuse is an idiot or not.

I believe I am done with this subject since it has gone to Double Bullshit level.  I will post on this again when the next beatdown/chokeout of Rihanna happens.  And remember........forgive and forget, no matter how much you get hit!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers "Look Around" Interactive Music Video

Red Hot Chili Peppers. 2nd favorite band of all time. (If you're wondering, The Doors is #1. Foo Fighters round out the top 3). But they have been around longer that most main bands today, and continue to deliver. The music video for Look Around is pretty interesting, as you control the camera. You slide back and forth taking a.....LOOK AROUND, see what they did there? Its pretty interesting as you're on one band member then go to another and wonder what the hell? One second Im watching Flea dance around and the next Chad is knocked out on the ground when he was just drumming away the last time I checked.

Chili Peppers. Continue to rule after all these years. Can't wait to see them in concert in September.

Certified Bullshit: Chris Brown

It's time to take a look at some undeniable without a doubt Certified Bullshit today, and his name is Chris Brown.  Now before I've written about bullshit like people being obsessed with Teen Mom 2 and debatable type topics.  Today is all about fact.  The fact that an admitted and proven women beater is allowed to be on TV and is given a spotlight by the TV and music businesses like he's never done anything wrong.

For anyone that's lived under a rock for the past few years, Chris Brown beat the holy living shit out of then girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.  Need details on what "holy living shit" means?  Check out the police report from the night Brown beat Rihanna.  Punching in the face, biting, choking, it's all there.  Now Brown was convicted and was on probation or some bullshit, did some fake apologies, and somehow just moved on like nothing happened.

Now you would think the guy would just he happy to get out of this without sitting in a jail cell and quietly fall off the radar.  But no, he gets a huge comeback and most of the media treats him like he's a bigger star than ever.  All of this really pissed everyone off this past Sunday at the Grammys (the same show a few years ago that the beat down happened after) when Brown got to perform twice.  Rihanna was there too, and it was due to award show situations like this that last year she had the restraining order lifted as to not interfere with professional schedules.  But how does this convicted woman beater get to be on the very show that is synonymous with the beating?  Celebrities are pissed, fans are pissed, and they have good reason.

Something is wrong when someone that beats a woman is not only still allowed in the music business at all, but is rewarded for it with TV appearances and even awards on the show?  And we're not talking about a 1 time push or something, this is some brutal shit (see police report above.)  Luckily many have taken to Twitter in recent days to make it known that Brown isn't off the hook and shouldn not have been on the Grammys.  Everyone wants to be so anti-violence these days, what kind of message is it sending when a convicted woman beater is on TV as a featured act and all is forgotten? 

Is it wrong to think that someone who beats a woman that bad (or at all really) should be banned from TV shows, especially network TV shows for life?  I guess I'm wrong, and "forgiveness for anything" is the mentality most people have about this.  If anyone needs any MORE reason to agree with all this...take a look back at Rihanna's face after the beating, and you too might just jump on the anti-Chris Brown bandwagon:

Yeah, give this guy some more TV time and a few more awards too.

Kate Upton is Hot as Balls, and on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

I really haven't paid much attention to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition since probably the 90's.  I don't know why, but it seemed like back then there were iconic cover girls like Elle Macpherson and Kathy Ireland that really made people take notice.  In more recent years, sure there were hot models, but nothing really grabbed your attention and made your eyes pop out of your head.  Enter Kate Upton. 

I feel like I've read the name Kate Upton quite a bit, but didn't really take the time to find out what the hype was about.  Then earlier today at Jerk Headquarters there was discussion about Upton being a hot topic lately, and I suddenly saw a.......couple of reasons Kate Upton is everywhere.  What we have is a classic hot model, with a unique body that includes what appears to be an actual REAL pair of BIG bouncing boobs!  That's right, no cookie cutter shit here, Kate Upton has a unique appeal that has the whole world talking.

Now we sit back and hope the right opportunity comes up for her to get naked in a movie or photoshoot or SOMEthing.  Those pair of tits are gaining more and more media attention, so it's only a matter of time before someone shells out for some Kate Upton nudity.  If you are unfamiliar with her, here are just SOME of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit pics.  Let us know if you think Kate Upton and her famous giant boobs are the next.........big............thing.  As for us, Kate Upton will be the first female we have ever JERK-WORTHY.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Roseanne Barr and John Goodman Reunite for Downwardly Mobile!

I heard a week ago or so that Roseanne had a new sitcom in the works, I was a little interested. Roseanne is my favorite TV show of all time. I have watched each episode numerous times, and know so much odd Roseanne character trivia its nuts. Of course Roseanne wasn't the best part of Roseanne, Dan Conner was, and of course later on, Mark moved up the ranks fast. But now comes work that her new sitcom, Downwardly Mobile, about a lady who owns a mobile home park, has also picked up John Goodman to co star! Along with that, Roseanne is developing the show with Eric Gilliland, who was a writer and executive producer for Roseanne!

Glorious day to be a Roseanne fan. I am very excited for this show.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The DIC Version of the G.I. Joe Cartoon is Finally Available on DVD!

This post is mainly for G.I. Joe die hards that really followed the series and what went on over the years.  Just about everyone remembers the iconic G.I. Joe cartoon that ruled the 80's.  But for anyone that watched in 1989, some drastic changes took place that to me as a kid just seemed to be some freshening up of the looks of some of the characters and such.

What actually took place was the original company that produced the G.I. Joe cartoon, Sunbow Productions was taken over by DIC and the show was overhauled a bit.  For anyone that saw the 1987 "G.I. Joe The Movie," you saw the odd storyline where Cobra Commander was turned into a snake and Serpentor pretty much ran shit after that.  Well I remembered seeing Cobra Commander back in the DIC series, so for years I was confused on what went on between the movie and the new cartoon.  Well the DIC series kicks off explaining how things went down and explains how Cobra Commander got back to his regular form and everything was pretty well explained.

Some other big changes were Destro having a gold head instead of silver in this series, many other characters had some cosmetic changes, Sgt. Slaughter is in a much bigger role as a leader of G.I. Joe which was very cool, and of course the theme song changed to the "Got to Get Tough, YO JOE" version that many fans might remember.

In the grand scheme of G.I. Joe hardcore fandom, the DIC 1989-1991 version of G.I. Joe isn't looked at as overly great.  I enjoyed the series and the fresh looks and characters it provided, and enjoyed the fact that it explains the story from the movie, which was the height of my G.I. Joe fandom.  While the DIC series isn't better than the original overall, for anyone that wants the full complete story of the G.I. Joe cartoon, this is a must have that many have waited on for years.  "Series 2 Season 1" is the title of the DVD, so a second season is sure to be on the way next for the full G.I. Joe cartoon experience.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Dies at 48

We've had quite a few death watches over the years here at Bunch of Jerks, some of which came to fruition like that of Amy Winehouse last year.  Whitney Houston kind of stayed off our radar I guess because she had problems for so long and kept more of it behind closed doors than most celebs today.  But earlier this afternoon Whitney Houston passed away in Beverly Hills at age 48. 

Houston had always been known to have a ton of problems that usually also included ex husband Bobby Brown.  They had a reality show a few years ago that gave us an idea of how crazy things were, but in recent years it appeared that Whitney had turned it around.  It seemed like getting away from Bobby Brown and even going back on tour had things back to somewhat normal for Houston, but while there has been no cause of death revealed, drugs immediately come to mind.

Of course with the Grammys tomorrow, look for the show to change quite a bit with everyone mentioning Whitney and probably a tribute or 2 as well.  Even though she had a screwed up life, she is still an icon in music that I personally can recall first hearing over 25 years ago.  Whitney Houston was a rare talent, and hopefully that is what is remembered most after this initial media frenzy on her death passes.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman Trailer!

A lot of people have been on the fence about this, but after Spiderman 3, this was the only proper course of action, reboot the franchise, Batman Begins style, and start fresh and new. And after watching this trailer, I don't see anyone on that fence any longer. This looks awesome!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Avengers assemble! Extended Avengers Super Bowl Commercial!

So the Super Bowl commercials this year were pretty boring all together. None were funny, to me at least, and the movie trailers shown either looked like crap or I had already seen. And then, THEY ASSEMBLED. The Avengers trailer came on and holy crap. Check it out below. Loosen your pants.

MIA flips off the camera at Super Bowl Halftime. No one cares.

So every news site today is going crazy because MIA flipped off the camera during the Super Bowl Halftime show. You know who cares? News and media and those annoying parents. Here is the problem. If they didn't make such a fuss about it, no one would be talking about it today, no one cares. They get so upset over something that they actually bring more and more attention to it.

For one thing, they have now made MIA a household name. I can safely bet that less than 10% of people watching last night actually knew who the hell MIA is. On top of that, who really cares? Honestly if you get upset because some random average singer flipped off a camera then you need to get some priorities in your life straight.