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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Certified Bullshit: Chris Brown

It's time to take a look at some undeniable without a doubt Certified Bullshit today, and his name is Chris Brown.  Now before I've written about bullshit like people being obsessed with Teen Mom 2 and debatable type topics.  Today is all about fact.  The fact that an admitted and proven women beater is allowed to be on TV and is given a spotlight by the TV and music businesses like he's never done anything wrong.

For anyone that's lived under a rock for the past few years, Chris Brown beat the holy living shit out of then girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.  Need details on what "holy living shit" means?  Check out the police report from the night Brown beat Rihanna.  Punching in the face, biting, choking, it's all there.  Now Brown was convicted and was on probation or some bullshit, did some fake apologies, and somehow just moved on like nothing happened.

Now you would think the guy would just he happy to get out of this without sitting in a jail cell and quietly fall off the radar.  But no, he gets a huge comeback and most of the media treats him like he's a bigger star than ever.  All of this really pissed everyone off this past Sunday at the Grammys (the same show a few years ago that the beat down happened after) when Brown got to perform twice.  Rihanna was there too, and it was due to award show situations like this that last year she had the restraining order lifted as to not interfere with professional schedules.  But how does this convicted woman beater get to be on the very show that is synonymous with the beating?  Celebrities are pissed, fans are pissed, and they have good reason.

Something is wrong when someone that beats a woman is not only still allowed in the music business at all, but is rewarded for it with TV appearances and even awards on the show?  And we're not talking about a 1 time push or something, this is some brutal shit (see police report above.)  Luckily many have taken to Twitter in recent days to make it known that Brown isn't off the hook and shouldn not have been on the Grammys.  Everyone wants to be so anti-violence these days, what kind of message is it sending when a convicted woman beater is on TV as a featured act and all is forgotten? 

Is it wrong to think that someone who beats a woman that bad (or at all really) should be banned from TV shows, especially network TV shows for life?  I guess I'm wrong, and "forgiveness for anything" is the mentality most people have about this.  If anyone needs any MORE reason to agree with all this...take a look back at Rihanna's face after the beating, and you too might just jump on the anti-Chris Brown bandwagon:

Yeah, give this guy some more TV time and a few more awards too.