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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Generations Voice Of Mickey Mouse, Wayne Allwine, Has Died.

There have been three people to voice Mickey Mouse, but the voice I have known my whole life was that of Wayne Allwine. He has been the voice of Mickey Mouse since 1977 after taking over the role from his mentor Jimmy Macdonald. If you're wondering who the other person was behind Mickeys voice, it was Walt Disney.

Wayne died due to complications from diabetes at the age of 62. He leaves behind his wife, Russi Taylor, who is also the voice of Minnie Mouse.

He also served doing sound effects and sound editing work on such movies as Star Trek V, 3 Men And A Baby, and Psycho 3.

"My life has been spent working, in one capacity or another, for the Disney family. I consider it to be a very high calling, serving Walt's "dream". - Wayne Allwine