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Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing the Bunch of Jerks Editorial Board and Mission

I thought I would kick off my first post here on Bunch of Jerks with an introduction of the crew and a little background. We might have some argument over this, as we are a bunch of jerks. However this is basically the way I see things going down. Of course we will change things whenever we feel like it.

Some of you may know a lot of our contributors from the blog Devon Lohan. I don't need to tell you how much of a mess that was. We hope to put all that bullshit behind us.

Executive Editor: Random Villain®
The head honcho. Random was responsible for 93.7% of the quality posts and traffic at Devon Lohan. He was the straight guy. Random will be running the show as the head Editor and writer during the week and day shift. He will post whatever he wants whenever he wants. He is known for his movie and video game reviews and random excellence.

J.U.A.N. Jerks Up All Night: G.C. and Johnny Aguilera

G.C. is a veteran of DL and a few other blogs, known for his editorial vision and rare yet amazing posts.

Johnny Aguilera is a veteran blogger and freelance writer. You may know him by his other names. He joined DL at the very end and had no patience for the lame bullshit.

They will be the Weekend Editors and also run J.U.A.N. - Jerks Up All Night. You can expect late night posts about whatever they feel like talking about.

Associate Editors: Abyssus and Money D.

Abyssus is an O.J.- Original Jerk, as he joined the Jerk Bunch on Day 1. He did not participate in the trainwreck known as Devon Lohan. He will write whatever he wants whenever he wants because that's what jerks do.

Money D. mostly works behind the scenes and also does a lot of the work on other projects like the Big Brother Blog. He will post occasionally and do his best to keep things Jerktastic.