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Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Do We Love Bruce Campbell?

I just got done watching, My Name Is Bruce. Which is about a demon attacking a town so they locals figured "hey lets get that Evil Dead guy to come help us." Bruce plays himself. Sounds great. Watching it was not so much, and then I realized....

Other than the Evil Dead movies, what movies starring Bruce Campbell have been great to watch? All of his movies are horrible garbage. And the big budget movies he's in, he's only in for mere minutes, sometimes seconds. So why? Why the love?

Because it's what people like us do. If you are a horror movie fan, it's almost like you HAVE to like Bruce Campbell or you won't fit in. It kinda goes like that with Tarantino. Death Proof sucked, hard. But everyone loves it, why? It's an hour of girls jabberin on and then 15 minutes of awesome car chases.

I guess there is no real answer for this. Worshiping Bruce Campbell goes along with breathing, it's just something that is a natural way of life I suppose. Let's just give the man a few more minutes in movies please? I'm sick of renting a movie because I see Bruce is in it then find out he's only in it for a couple seconds (Congo).