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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

J.U.A.N. Hot Music: Electrik Red

Alright all you late night Jerks, another edition of Jerks Up All Night coming your way, and we're taking a look at some hot music on the scene. Back in the 90's, music had some pretty bad ass girl groups that reigned supreme on the scene. We're talking SWV, Salt N Pepa, En Vogue, TLC, and more. In the past few years, Destiny's Child has been the only prominent hip hop style girl group out there, and you don't see new girl groups pop up very often, which is why the new group "Electrik Red' caught my eye. Put together by rapper "The Dream," Electrik Red brings that old school girl group with an attitude style. The first video I saw, "So Good," was a good single to get them out there, and made me look into the group a little more. And after checking out a little more of their material (and noticing that the main girl Naomi has been in a lot of previous videos including those of Snoop Dogg and the Dream himself) these girls up the attitude even more than girls from years back. It's pretty obvious when you notice they have a song titled "Fuck You"....hmm, yeah not just a nice little pop girl group here, the song explains how women fuck men, not the other way around. Their other single, "Drink in My Cup," is of course about getting drunk, so we pretty much have some freaky women who like to get drunk on our for me. But seriously, Electrik Red is all attitude, and obviously not afraid to cross some lines, so I see Electrik Red as a group that could be making a big impact on the music scene. I'll post the video for their "So Good" remix that features everyones favorite guy to include in their video, Lil Wayne. In the remix, they take their nice little song and change some lyrics such as "Thought I really wouldn't care much" to "Thought I really wouldn't give a fuck"...and "Now a girl all in love" to "Now a bitch all in love." Yeah, pretty in your face, and they're hot...just too bad Lil Wayne's goofy ass has to be in everone's videos these days, but in my estimation, keep an eye on Electrik Red, I see more success in their future.

Electrik Red - So Good Remix
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