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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Why Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Will Rule

Fallen has almost arrived. And doing a little reading on the new film, I have found that this movie is going to kick major ass, for serious reasons, and here are the top reasons as to why the new Transformers movie will be great... other than Megan Fox in Daisy Dukes.

5. The movie has yet to open and it has already broken records, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS that is. One of those records being this movie has the biggest explosion ever filmed for a movie before. Yeah. That alone is reason enough, but lets move on...

4. Composer Steve Jablonsky has stated that the score for this film will include the original Transformers theme. He had intended to include the theme in the score for the first film, but the idea was rejected; however, when many fans made their displeasure known, the decision was made to incorporate it in the sequel.

3. From the original voice cast of Transformers, only Peter Cullen and Charles Adler took part in the first film. However, after listening to feedback from fans, the filmmakers elected to bring in more of the show's voice actors. In addition to Cullen and Adler, they brought back Susan Blu, Michael Bell and Rob Paulsen, and especially brought back veteran voice artist Frank Welker to reprise his role as the voice of Soundwave, the most loyal soldier to Megatron.

2. Optimus Prime will be seen in truck mode pulling his iconic trailer around.

1. Stan Bush, who composed "The Touch" for The Transformers: The Movie, composed a revised edition of his song "The Touch" for the new movie.