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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Thoughts On The Jon & Kate Plus 8 Scandal

I went to the grocery store for lunch today to get a thing of chili and some bread to make a yummy chili bread bowl when I am standing in line and notice EVERY MAGAZINE has this Jon and Kate shit going on. Jon cheated on her?! Kate cheated on Jon with her bodyguard?! OH NO!!!!!!

My first reaction was who gives a shit about two people on a reality show on basic cable.

Then after thinking about it more and more, I realized, now I do give a shit and I need to voice my thoughts on it all.

First, did she cheat on him? Yes, she did. give me a break, look at her bodyguard, he looks like John O'Hurley, the dude that now hosts Family Feud. But why would any dude wanna have sex with Kate? She had 8 kids for christs sake, having sex with her would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, or parking a bicycle in an airport hanger, or putting an ice cream cone into a volcano, you get my point, the bitch is loose. And Jon looks like a douche bag, plus he has to be a giant wuss, why?

What man needs to hire some other dude to protect his wife? Give me a break Jon. Grow some balls you're samoan, I think. Aren't all samoan dudes supposed to be crazy bad asses? The Rock was, and Umaga.

But in Jons defense, after seeing a couple episodes of the show after some Little People Big World, Kate is a BITCH. So yeah, after dealing with 8 kids and a bitchy wife, I would wanna run out and fine some sweet tang somewhere else.

So they cheated on each other, big deal, my only question is, after seeing her out and about all over with her boyfriends/security team, and seeing pictures of Jon sitting on a golf course hangin out with hot chicks....

where the hell are these 8 kids?!

Who knows. Maybe the kids have their own security team. Or chillin with at the Roloff Farm.