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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome Fellow Jerks!

Well this is a definite change of pace. Days ago we saw the death of a 2 year old site that had some fairly high points, and a lot of content over a thousand posts, but due to circumstances beyond any of the current writers control, things weren't destined to work out. But now, after our complete staff got together a couple of nights ago and got on the same page, we've all just realized that the so called "critics" were right...we're nothing but a Bunch of Jerks. New look, new focus on quality, and a name that's clear to is here. We'd like to welcome all the former readers, as well as brand new readers that are checking us out for the first time. This site is going to be the place you want to check out every day, just to see what kind of random stuff us jerks have to say or report on. So sound off on the comments, let us know what you think is good or what sucks, we're in constant improvement mode. And if you already hate us, and we know some of you are out there....well, we're Jerks, what do you expect?