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Monday, May 10, 2010

It Is Time To Rise Up Against Movie Theater Texting

I am sick of this crap. People in this world need to put down the damn phone every one in awhile. Why would you pay 20+ dollars, to go sit in a movie theater and text through it? Not only is it wasting your own money when you can be doing that at home, but you are also annoying the living crap out of everyone sitting behind you!

But not anymore

Tonight, I changed the game forever, and hopefully, you will all follow suit and join me and end this annoyance once and for all.

Tonight, I went to see Iron Man 2, I won't be posting a review of it, because its Iron Man 2, you know what you get with it, so there. During the movie in front of me just to my right, was some idiot Tapout shirt wearin douche who had a Blackberry Storm. How do I know exactly what type of phone this was? Because he had the phone out during 75% of the movie, texting!

Now, you my wonder, 75%? He didn't text through the ENTIRE movie? No, he didn't. Why? Because I finally found a way to put a stop to it, and I am going to tell you all how to do this, in hopes that all of you who are equally annoyed with it as I am, do the same.

I got a little fed up with this bright white light shining every couple minutes, and I thought, what in the hell is so damn important that this idiot just HAS to keep texting away? Step out into the hall and finish the conversation! Well, ya know what?

I'm just gonna read it.

So, from then on, any time this idiot would whip out his phone, I would lean forward slightly, and read his texts, and his responses. His girlfriend was pissed at him, because he went with his friend to see Iron Man 2, and he didn't take her with. They were in a deep argument, this was like the time she wanted to go see another movie real bad, and he didn't take her and instead went with some other girl.

Once I read that text, I did the following....

Leaned in even closer....

And whispered....

"That was a dick move dude."

He looked over at me and said "What?!"

"Why would you not take your girl to see the movie?"

He got really pissed off, but shoved his phone in his pocket and never again, brought it out.

So people, do this, whenever some idiot is texting nonstop, READ IT. READ THOSE TEXTS! Hopefully this spreads, so the idiots texting during movies will stop, because they will be afraid of the OTHER people in the theater, reading their private conversations.