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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Dead Redemption Thoughts

I loved, loved, loved the first game, Red Dead Revolver. I was a huge GTA fan at the time, and have been born and raised on westerns, so seeing both come together was awesome. It has been a long wait for this sequel, is the wait worth it?

In some ways, yes, and in some ways no. Gameplay wise the game is amazing. There is so much to do in the open world it is pretty amazing how much got packed into this game. The controls are a little tricky but nothing too hard to get the hang of. It has been a long long time since I played a third person shooter game. Spending the past few years knee deep in Call Of Duty and Resistance. So, the gameplay is great, but what is not so great?

Something pretty minor I must say, which is the story/characters. The character you play as, is seemingly being forced back into the life he has tried to leave, or else great harm will come to his wife and son. But, even with those two huge problems, he sure is one happy go lucky guy. Seems to constantly be happy and willing to lead the good life. It just seems weird that he has to kill a man or else his family is harmed, so he goes out to help some lady round up some cattle? I dunno, it seems to lose focus too much. And the character is a bit annoying after awhile.

But, the gameplay outshines that, I didn't get into the online play too much but I did some and it has potential to be pretty fun. But I don't think it'll have too much lasting power. I can easily see the online play getting a little old, and annoying when you might be out trying to do a challenge and some idiot won't stop trying to kill you in the process.

All in all though, after being extremely let down by GTA IV, this is a huge step up from it. I would say it is worth a buy, mainly because from what I can see there is hours upon hours of gameplay to be had in the game with all the side missions and strange little things that pop up.