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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terminator Salvation Blu Ray Review

I didn't go see Terminator Salvation in the theater. I listened to critics and other people who said the movie was nothing but garbage and was pure crap. So I didn't bother. Like most guys my age, I have been a Terminator fan my whole life. From the very first movie, all the way up. So to hear the new one was to be directed by the guy that brought us Charlies Angels, and it would have no Arnold in it, I was a little let down. But the fact that Christian Bale was playing John Connor, peaked my interest a bit.

Well, I did the same thing a few months ago, listened to reviews and other people, and decided I was not going to go see Transformers 2. A friend talked me into going, and I loved it. So when Terminator came out on DVD, I decided I would see if this movie was in fact the pure crap so many said it was, or if it was a good movie. Well...

It was a GOOD movie.

Now see, I'm not the nit picky douchey cry baby nerdy fanboy like 90% of movie website reviewers. If I am a fan of a franchise, I go for the entertainment, and to see where the story is going to take us. I am not going to write a whole movie off and declare it horrible just because of some small thing, like the uproar when Spiderman came out, and he shot the webs from his wrists, not from his web shooters.

So, Terminator Salvation, it's a good movie. It's not great like the first two movies, but it's not horrible. And yes, I did see the third movie, and I liked the third movie as well, mainly because of the ending. And Arnold kicking over an ambulance. I'm not gonna sit here like most reviews and describe the entire damn plot, because you already know it, what I will tell you is that if you are a fan of the Terminator movies, and not the nit picky cry baby type, and just wanna see some incredible action and see where the story takes us for a new Terminator, you will enjoy this. People saying the acting is horrible and theres no emotion to anyone, well if you paid attention to the movie, they're kinda in the middle of a losing war, and have been at it for quite a few years, and have seen everyone they love around them die at the hands of machines, their emotions are kinda shot. As for the action scenes, they're incredible. Just go watch it, stop listening to insane reviewers, and go pick it up.

This is a sequel and continues the story where the third left off, but at the same time, you can almost look at it as a prequel to the first movie as well. I dug it, and if they do end up making another, I will be there opening weekend to check it out, reviewers are worthless to me now. People like Chris Gore are complete idiots. And I have no use for them.

As for how the picture and sound looks, come one people, it's a Terminator movie on Blu Ray. It's perfect.

As for that director, McG. Sir, I forgive you for the Chalies Angels movies. You did good this time. I would high five you if I saw you.