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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bryan Singer Returns To X-Men Franchise


Fanboys all around are jizzing in their pants over the news that Bryan Singer is going to come in and direct the prequel X-Men movie. Yippie. If there is one thing I don't understand more than remakes, it's prequels. Most movies that get prequels are movies about characters which of whom we already know the past of. Why not make an original movie? Or make a movie about made up characters where we have no idea what past they had? On top of that, X Men and X Men 2 were alright. I don't get what was so fantastic about X Men 2, people cry about the Wolverine movie but they didn't seem to mind the N*SYNC in X Men 2.

On top of that, Bryan Singer sucks. Look what he did to Superman. That was on the same level as HULK. Complete garbage. I don't wanna see Superman get beat up by Kumar, thanks. Anyways, X Men Origins: First Class is what this is called, it comes out god knows when, 2012 probably. Whatever.