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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top 10 Films Of The Decade

Now, I have read a lot of these types of lists. Most people post crazy shit that hardly anyone has heard of, mainly because the person making the list wants to seem really interesting that they know these wacky foreign films. Not my list, my list celebrates the movies that kicked ass unlike any others. OR, they are films that brought something back to film goers that had been missing for many years, anyways, on with the list.

10: Casino Royale
Yeah, Casino Royale is number 10. Why? Because it brought back JAMES BOND. One of the most iconic characters in film history. To me, Bond died, many years ago, after Goldeneye, the Bond films were complete crap. They measured up to the Charlies Angels movies. CGI crazy action scenes that were idiotic at best. So, along comes Casino Royale, with one of the most stunning opening scenes of the decade, gone was the insane CGI and along came awesome chases and a great story, and the return of 007.

9: Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy
I don't care how much idiots on the internet bitch and cry, the first movie was awesome, and the second two movies were perfect. The 2nd movie had a great cliffhanger ending that I didn't see coming, and the third movie ended perfectly. Why? Well because it showed Disney had some balls. Ending with a somewhat dark ending that no one saw coming. Also, it gave us Keira Knightley. Thanks.

8: Grizzly Man
"Timothy loved zee bears." A quote said all the time since I saw this documentary. I saw Man On Wire, and all of Michael Moores films, and many more, but to me, this is the best documentary of the decade. A very interesting character of a human and his insane adventures, all documented until he wound up dying for it.

7: Rocky Balboa/Rambo
Rocky is epic. Rambo is epic. But Rocky V and Rambo 3 left us with a sour taste in our mouths. And after such a long time, it was a sad feeling to know we would never get a real ending to the Rocky saga, or if John Rambo would ever make it home for that meal he wanted so bad. On top of that, action movies had gone to crap. Gone were the icons of action, and in we now had Vin Diesel and The Rock. Ugh. But, Stallone woke up one day, probably after watching XXX for the first time, and said enough was enough. And gave us the Rambo film we had all be hungry for. And, gave us the proper ending to Rockys long journey that made up for Rocky V. Thank you Stallone.

6: Lost In Translation
I don't know what it is exactly. My love for all things Bill Murray probably, but this movie was simply amazing. Now, I know like The Wrestler, the ending was ruined for the fact that, it was all left up to the viewer as to what happened in the end. But with Lost In Translation, it worked. It makes my lil heart grow 10 times bigger and gives me a little teary eyed in the end. Fuck it, I love this movie.

5: The 40 Year Old Virgin
Welcome back edgy R Rated comedies. For a long time all we had was the likes of The Farrely Brothers and a string of lousy R rated comedies that had zero jokes and comedic moments and relied on poop jokes. But Judd Apatow came along, and comedy was reborn. Comedy with characters you cared about and loved. And The Farrely Brothers haven't been seen since, or well, they have, but no one cared.

4: Shaun Of The Dead
I have talked about movies that brought back R rated comedies, and brought back action heroes and good times. But this brought back great horror comedies. Back in the 80s, there was some great ones, Night Of The Creeps is a classic horror comedy. But, all we had left these days was Scary Movies and other bullshit. But along with this being a great horror comedy, it is also a romantic comedy at its heart, with zombies. I have yet to find one person that did not like this movie, and there is a reason for that, I don't socialize with morons. Because you have to be a moron to not like this movie.

3: The Dark Knight
We have had a couple great comic book movies. Iron Man, Spiderman 2, X Men 2, but The Dark Knight is on another level. Out of all the comic book movies made this decade and before, this is considered The Godfather of comic book movies. If a third movie is never made, I am fine with that, because how could it possibly be topped?

2: The Lord Of The Rings
Like it or not, these movies were the Star Wars of this generation. Sorry, but the Star Wars prequels don't count for shit. What is there to really say about these movies that everyone hasn't already heard hundreds of times? I just hope someday Peter Jackson will return to this same type of movie, and give us a Legend Of Zelda movie.

1: Pixar Movies
The best movie of the past decade? Wall*E, Up, Monsters Inc, and so on. Just go and read my reviews for their films. Pixar knows how to make movies, and make them right. They are flawlessly great films, one right after another.