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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wild Hogs 2 No More?!?! Disney Cancels The Film!!

Damn all of you who did not go see Old Dogs. It seems to be that because Old Dogs sucked and no one went to see it, Disney has called off Wild Hogs 2!!

Now, I will admit, from the previews and commercials, Wild Hogs looked AWFUL. But, a bored night, we gave it a watch, and holy hell it was funny stuff. I constantly quote that movie every time I see a biker now. And there are quite a few people who felt like I did at first, and I told them to give a try, they did, and they agreed, it was pretty damn funny. What? Don't believe me? Fine, here!

Well, no more Wild Hogs 2, no more dreams, no nothing. Sad day for me, sad day.