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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tony Hawk: Ride - Worst Tony Hawk Game Ever?

For years now, around this time of year, there are certain games that usually release their yearly edition just in time for the holidays.  Most of the games represent yearly tradition for many people.  Madden, Smackdown vs. RAW, and until now, Tony Hawk.  I know our resident Tony Hawk expert Random Villain can shed more light on this subject, but our friends over at Attack of the Show showed us why Tony Hawk: Ride is by far the worst Tony Hawk game in the series, and just a horrible game overall.  Apparently the whole motion idea has carried over, and players stand on this virtual skateboard, pretend to skate, and somehow attempt to enjoy it.  Jerk favorite Morgan Webb came over from X-Play to spread the word to Attack of the Show viewers, and make sure no one spent 120 bucks on this crap.  Morgan even kicks off her shoes and demonstrates how this thing is supposed to work, and why it's no fun at all.  Kevin Pereira shows how u can play without even standing on the board, which is most likely what anyone who plays this would end up doing.  I've looked around at some other reviews, and haven't seen any that are positive, and scores from game players are even lower than the sites are giving it.  Check out the video below if you care to verify how bad this is, or maybe u just want to spend time checking out Morgan Webb, that sounds a lot more fun that this game.