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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wil Wheaton Feels Like We Do About the Kardashians

Happy New Year everyone.  2012 is here, the end of the world bullshit is swirling, but all we plan on doing is being bigger Jerks than ever!  I feel like I started a bit of a revolution with my breakdown of exactly why Kim Kardashian is famous, because now it seems like everyone is joining in on exposing the idiocy of this Kardashian "fame"...finally!

Case in point, Wil Wheaton was recently on "The Nerdist" on BBC and shared his feelings on why it is that the Kardashians are in our faces everywhere we turn. Wheaton even took things to mega-Jerk level by making a Hitler comparison!  Check out what Wheaton thinks of the Kardashians below:

Agreed!  WHY are the Kardashians so famous?  Kim got banged on camera, and we are perfectly fine with that.  If she went on to be a porn star and continued to get naked for a living, so be it.  But why are her sisters famous?  They've done/do nothing.  They don't have musical backgrounds, aren't in movies, certainly aren't royalty, nothing...yet they all get spin-off reality shows and are treated like America's favorite family.  Pukeworthy. 

Which brings me to the next case in point.  It took one person to come out and tell the Kardashians to their faces that they are worthless and have no talent, and that person was Barbara Walters.  Yep, of all people, Walters questioned them to their faces as to why they're famous when they have no talent.  Of course Kim tries to work around it by saying it's hard to make people like you just for being you.  Well yeah Kim, when you suck at life and serve no purpose, it MUST BE pretty hard to have people like you.  We'll wrap things up with video of Barbara Walters asking the questions everyone needs to be asking these morons: