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Monday, January 9, 2012

Certified Bullshit: Blue Ivy Carter

So Beyonce had her kid.  Now all the sites that have been watching for a fake stomach pad to fall out of Beyonce's shirt can maybe find a life, then again they will probably just move on to adoption conspiracies etc.  My point of today's Certified Bullshit is the fact that people have kids every minute of every day, yet this birth is being treated like the second coming of Christ.....and it's stupid.

Now this isn't anything against Jay Z or Beyonce, both are icons in music and no one can doubt their success.  It's not even the fact that they paid a million bucks for a whole floor of a hospital to have this kid in.  They're rich as all hell, so why not spend on a whole hospital floor if that's what they want to do.  This is more of a rant on this infatuation the public has with celebrity babies.  There are celebrity parents selling the rights to publish their kid's first pics to whatever magazine and people are dying to know what these kids look like.  The real newsflash here, most babies look like.........babies.  It's not like Blue Ivy Carter is going to come out rapping or performing the latest Beyonce song.  The Internet was taken over as soon as news broke that Beyonce finally gave birth, and it hasn't slowed down since with rumors, lawsuits, and just general bullshitting about this kid. 

Blue Ivy Carter is already a celebrity whether she likes it or not.  Apparently the kid crying is already in a new Jay Z song.  I just don't see the infatuation.  It's a baby, cool, congrats.  It's not going to change any of your lives, nor are Jay Z or Beyonce going to thank you personally for caring so much.  So if you are spending your day engulfed in the latest Blue Ivy Carter news, you need a life instead of spending your day with some Certified Bullshit.