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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bullies Bully. Parents Parent.

Not a week goes by that I don't read about some teen killing themselves because of bullies. They get bullied in school, go home, and kill themselves. Then I read for days afterwards how we need to rise up and stop bullying and all that mess.

Do we need to stop bullying?


People need to start PARENTING.

You know how long bullying has been around? Forever. Cavemen were probably bullies to other cavemen. And how many kids were killing themselves over bullying decades ago? None. Back in the 90s, you rarely heard about teen suicides because they got made fun of in school. In fact bullying is helpful. It builds character. Hell I was bullied in school, did I go and kill myself? No. It built some character, and it made me a better person. Because I had good parents. I had parents that taught me to not give a crap what kids say, and that my families opinion, and my own opinion about myself was the only opinion that mattered.

More parents need to step up and take note. If your kid is coming home depressed out of their minds, talk to them, sit them down and figure out their problems. It's what youre supposed to do. Kids today are complete wusses. Seriously. And why? Because most parents today are useless. They do nothing with their kids, they don't try to get involved with their lives, they all just sit around and do their own thing and think everything is just dandy.

Bullies don't need to stop bullying. Parents need to start parenting. And schools need to step up. I know someone who had a kid that was constantly being bullied, and they reported it to the school, what did the school do? Nothing. Maybe its time we started protesting some schools to get their act together, instead of protesting a government because you aren't being treated fairly for crap you haven't worked for.