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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Certified Bullshit: Teen Mom

I've been thinking about starting this series for a while now, pretty much because there are so many things in the world that completely suck and deserve the label of "bullshit."  I think my Kardashian post was along these same lines, but now there is a new breed of talentless "celebrity" that got famous solely because they were whoring around as teenagers and got knocked up.  That's right, today we are certifying MTV's Teen Mom as bullshit.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of documentaries.  When this whole concept began as "16 and pregnant," I got the premise.  A show that documents how some idiot 16 year olds got knocked up and how their life sucks because of it might make at least a few young girls try to avoid such a life.  Some will say the show put too much spotlight on the idea of getting knocked up as a teenager and getting to be on TV for it.  I can see that point, but I think the idea of at least TRYING to deter girls from ruining their lives by giving them a glimpse of what it would be like made sense.  It wasn't until a couple of seasons of this did things take the wrong turn.

When this whole "Teen Mom" show came to be, it was basically picking out some of the knocked up 16 year olds from 16 and pregnant and continuing to follow their lives and idiotic decisions.  It was at this point that these girls became "celebrities" at least to the tabloids, and this show became just another soap opera fix.  None of these girls woke up and got their shit together, they all either end up in jail, found other guys to bang, or apparently even get knocked up again (with different fathers of course.)  These girls have turned the whole thing into just another show that people watch for the drama, break ups, make ups etc. 

If it wasn't for the fact that these girls and their drama are on every magazine and gossip site, who treat them as if they are actual celebrities then it wouldn't be so bad.  But like the Kardashians, the teen moms are everywhere and this show IS glorifying the idea of becoming a TV star just by getting knocked up just like these new "role models."  Is anyone learning anything from these morons anymore?  I think not.  None of them have turned their life around, and if any have then I assume they are the ones not being featured on the show.  

They are not celebrities, they are not role models, they made a dumb mistake and didn't smarten up even after the fact, no one is impressed or inspired,  there are no "true love stories" or anything they TRY to portray on the show, therefore we certify all of it, as BULLSHIT.