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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burger King Calls Wife A Puta

So, the wife and I stopped by our local Burger King today. We ordered two meals with onion rings, and a kids meal toy for our son, he had already eaten, but we figured he'd like a toy.

We received our food and saw only 1 order of rings, and 1 order of fries. I told the person at the windows I wanted 2 onion rings, they promptly got me the rings, and said keep the fries. Cool.

While pulling out of the drive through, the wife noticed that they forgot the kids toy. She walks in and asks for the toy, they seemed annoyed by this and swore it was in the bag, but gave her the toy anyways.

Upon getting home, she the notices that they failed to put her burger in the bag with the rest of the order. So, we travel back to BK and she goes in to get her burger. While in there, she is asked if she found the extra toy yet, still claiming they did not forget it. And she asks for her burger. An employee walks to the back and is going on and on in spanish. Well, my wife actually speaks spanish, quite well, and understood every word being said. And from what she heard, was she was being accused of trying to get free food from them, and was being a......."puta".

Sadly, I was not in there, I was out in the car and didn't hear about this, and as for my wife, she is not the confrontational type, at all. So nothing was said. She received her burger and walked out.

I attempted to contact Burger King over this, but they have no email contact and I hate talking to people on the phone. As for contacting the manager of that BK, well she believes it was the manager who the employee was talking to.

So the only thing to do from hear on out is do what I can to piss them off. I plan on going to the bank and getting many rolls of pennies and using pennies to pay for my meals from Burger King from now on. I plan on going inside BK, and opening up all the rolls of pennies and using that to pay for the food.