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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Disney Employee Attacks Handicapped Child? Uh, NO.

I found this video on YouTube today, and was going to leave a simple comment on the video, but they turned comments off, so now I must write a whole blog about this.

Watch the video....

Alright, listen, this guy goes on to say a Disney Employee attacked, "Little Joe". You know what I saw and heard?! I heard the Imperial Death March and saw DARTH MAUL attacking "Little Joe". 99% of little kids are BRATS. Little asshole children who do stupid crap all the time because of bad parenting. I saw Little Joe step pretty quickly towards Darth Maul and raise his hands up. Well, after dealing with THOUSANDS of kids EVERY DAY at Disneyland/world, I am sure Darth Maul, Mickey, Goofy, and all of those characters are tripped, pulled on, pushed, puked on, kicked, punched and dealt all kinds of crap every day. So some little kid runs out into the middle of a parade and Darth Maul pushed him away. Was the kid killed? Harmed? NO. He was pushed aside by Darth Maul. A villain who was staying in character at that!

In all seriousness though, this is called BAD PARENTING, I don't care if your kid has some kinda problem and is handicapped, don't let them go running out into the middle of a parade. I like the little message at the end warning parents that their children might not be safe at their parks. Well, my kids will be perfectly safe there, because I'm not gonna let them go running out into the middle of a damn parade! Damnit I hate people like this. Sitting there going on and on about how it's a special needs kid. Which is dumb because that is even MORE reason to keep them under control! "Hey my kid is a special needs kid I don't need to hold his hand and make them sit on the side to watch the parade he can go running up and jump around all he wants!" Idiot.

And not only are we going to call these people complete morons, but we'll go as far as to tell our readers to go get your Disneyland Tickets!