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Thursday, April 17, 2014

X-Men Director Bryan Singer accused of raping a teenage boy.

This is a pretty strange news story. Is it true? Maybe. Is it false? More than likely. Especially since this is something that happened back in 1999 and the victim is just now getting around to legal action, right before Bryan Singer's new X-Men movie comes out. How convenient. Here are the details from the case.

The plaintiff, Michael Egan, claims he was 17 when Singer forcibly sodomized him, among other allegations. Egan’s lawyers, led by Jeff Herman, allege that Singer provided him with drugs and alcohol and flew him to Hawaii on more than one occasion in 1999. His suit claims battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy by unreasonable intrusion, and it seeks unspecified damages.

Singer’s attorney, Marty Singer, called the lawsuit “absurd and defamatory.”

“The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit,” the attorney said. “We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated.”

Marc Collins-Rector, the former chairman of Digital Entertainment Network, an ambitious Internet startup that sputtered in the dotcom bust of 2000, is also cited in the Singer lawsuit, although he is not named as a defendant. He is accused of initiating the sexual abuse of Egan and arranging for Singer to assault Egan at a house in Encino, Calif.

Collins-Rector is a registered sex offender, having plead guilty in 2004 to luring minors across state lines for sexual acts.

The lawsuit alleges that Collins-Rector and his Digital Entertainment Network investors, including Singer, would lure young men to a house dubbed the M & C Estate in Encino to intoxicate and sexually assault a number of teenage boys and that many in the Hollywood industry were aware of the “notorious parties.”

Now, all of this comes from happening during some sort of gay sex party at a mansion. If you're a teenage boy, and you are not in the mood for being raped by weird older guys, going to a gay sex party at some sketchy mansion is probably the last place you should go. This is pretty much just an attempt at getting some cash from studios to make this all go away. Did it happen? Probably not, but these Hollywood people can get into some pretty weird stuff. So who knows? What do you think happened?