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Friday, April 18, 2014

Parents Need To Start Parenting: Kids and the world of online gaming.

There are a ton of bratty kids in the world. I see it all the time. At grocery stores, at malls, almost anywhere I go I see some out of control little snot causing a mess while their parents just sit on their phones and pay no attention. It's really annoying, because for parents who actually do give a shit about their kids, it causes some problems. When parents who do raise their kids right, they have to send them to school with these little brats who they might become friends with. And kids are more influenced by the actions of other kids than by anything else. So those years of hard work at parenting just goes down the toilet, thanks to the lousy job of other parents.

Now, I play a lot of video games. Late at night after the wife and kids are all tucked into bed, it's my time. Game time. I jump online with a group of friends and it's either Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, or Grand Theft Auto 5. Both games, rated M for Mature. Not for kids at all. Yet not a night fails that some 10-13 year old kid is on there screaming and yelling. Seriously, where are the parents? Why are parents allowing their kids on online video games? Not just online, but in the middle of the night. On games not rated for them. Now playing the games themselves is not that big of a deal. All of us at those ages would get our hands on the bloodiest movies and games we could find. (Mortal Kombat!) But its the online aspect of it. There are some seriously annoyingly awful people out there who just because they're in the safety of their home hiding behind a headset, feel they could yell out the most racist awful crap you can imagine. People like to think that racism and hate isn't as much of a problem as it used to be. Well to that I say spend an hour online on one of those games. And all that is doing is showing kids that is how you act. Like a damn asshole. Don't get me wrong, I've been in plenty shit talking matches before online, but all in good fun. But there are people on these games that take it WAY too seriously.

Parents, do your damn jobs. Kids playing these games is your own decision, if you keep them from playing them they will find a way to play them anyways, trust me. But when it's 1am and little Timmy is on there dropping N bombs. That is on you for not paying any attention to your kids, who are now on online gaming trying to seek out some type of attention because you're too busy with your heads up your asses.