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Monday, April 8, 2013

Farrah Abraham is About to Show the Real "Teen Mom" Talent

Farrah Abraham sex tape
**Update - The Farrah Abraham sex tape is now available!**

Over a year ago I posted that the show Teen Mom was Certified Bullshit due to the fact that these girls who decided to whore it up early in life get rewarded with big money and artificial "celebrity" status.  I mean the original show "16 and Pregnant" somewhat spread the message that if you get knocked up as a teenager, you're life is pretty much screwed.  Then Teen Mom just made all their lives into soap operas for people to watch their lives continue to tailspin. Well NOW one of the teen moms is coming clean and going back to her slutty roots by apparently doing a porn.

That's right, the last day or so has been pretty interesting for Farrah Abraham.  First there were rumors of a sex tape she was trying to keep from being released, then there was word it was actually a porn she willingly shot with pro cameras etc. which was further fueled when she was seen walking around holding hands with some long dong porn star.  And the final rumor was that she had a sex tape she didn't have the proper releases for, so she shot a pro porn instead.  Either way, the farce is over and it's time to slut it up out in the open (and we thought her buying that new pair of big boobs was as far as she would go.)  It's the Teen Mom way, as there are constant stories of all these girls repeating their mistakes and getting knocked up again and again by different guys in some cases......well this time Farrah Abraham is going to let us watch!

No details on the release of this sex tape/porn yet, but of course porn king Vivid is all over making this happen since they obviously know it will sell huge.  How long before another Teen Mom gets jealous of all this attention and follows in Farrah's footsteps?  Which one will it be?